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Nebraska governor race candidates, Charles Herbster Groped Julie Slama

Nebraska governor race candidates, Charles Herbster Groped Julie Slama
Charles Herbster, who owns a big agricultural business, is running to be the next governor of Nebraska. Pete Ricketts is stepping down because he can't serve more than two terms.
Candidates for Governor in Nebraska say they groped her.

Julie Slama, a state senator, said that a news report said that a top candidate for governor, Charles Herbster, had touched her inappropriately in 2019. He said he didn't believe them.

She said on Thursday that three years ago, a fellow Republican who is now running for governor of Nebraska groped her.

Allegations made by state senator Julie Slama were not true, says candidate Charles Herbster. He called them "100% false."

After the Nebraska Examiner ran an article about the alleged incident, Ms. Slama made her statement. She said that the alleged incident happened at a Douglas County Republican Party dinner in April 2019.

When the Nebraska Examiner reported on Thursday that Charles Herbster sexually assaulted her in 2019, when she was 22 years old, Ms. Slama said that the report was true. She added that she had prayed that she would never have to go back through all of this again.

Asked about what happened, she said, "I was not going to lie to the news." Ms. Slama's office didn't answer a question right away. At a legislative hearing in February, she talked about the alleged assault, but she didn't name Mr. Herbster at the time. This is how it works:

His political opponents in the state, including Gov. Pete Ricketts, a Republican, have been making up stories about him that are "ridiculous, unsubstantiated dirty political tricks." Herbster owns a large agricultural company and was endorsed for the May 10 primary election by former President Trump.

Julie Slama was a state senator in 2019. That's when she said the incident took place.
Julie Slama was a state senator in 2019. That's when she said the incident took place.

She was walking by Mr. Herbster at the Douglas County Republican Party's annual Elephant Remembers dinner when she saw him. She was a new member of the Legislature in January 2019, and she was at the dinner in April. The news outlet said that he then "reached up her skirt, without her permission, and touched her in an inappropriate way."

One of Mr. Herbster's most well-known supporters was quoted on social media asking what Ms. Slama was wearing the night of the Republican dinner. On Thursday, she posted a picture on Twitter with the message "This dress is what I was wearing when someone sexually assaulted me. I was wearing this dress."

After getting into politics at age 22, Ms. Slama was groped by someone who wasn't part of this body and wasn't an officeholder.

Ms. Slama talked about other times when she was touched or talked to inappropriately. She said that as a young woman, "you worry that it is going to be the thing that makes you who you are."

At the same time as Ms. Slama, six other women said Mr. Herbster had touched them inappropriately at different events going back to 2017, and one said he had kissed her forcibly. The women were not named in the article, and the New York Times couldn't reach them to verify their claims.

People who work for the Nebraska Examiner say that they are nonpartisan and that they are a nonprofit newsroom. They are also part of a national group that encourages more local reporting.

Mr. Herbster is one of nine Republicans who want to replace Mr. Ricketts, who is out of office. As of this writing, Mr. Herbster's campaign has spent more than $4 million, which is more than any other candidate has spent. Jim Pillen, who owns a large family farm and was endorsed by Mr. Rickett and Ms. Slama, has a similar amount of money in his campaign war chest.

This is how Ad Impact, a media tracking company, says that Mr. Herbster's campaign has spent more money on advertising so far than Mr. Pillen's campaign has spent.

He named Conklin CEO David Herbster to a group of advisers for Trump's campaign during the 2016 election. Herbster is a big supporter of the Trump campaign. Before Mr. Trump's endorsement, Mr. Ricketts said that he had asked the former president to "stay out of the race," which he did.


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