Nathaniel Direnzo attacked girl in Stuyvesant Square Park during school recess

Police apprehend a man in connection with a punch attack on an 11-year-old child in a New York City park.

The New York Police Department apprehends a guy accused of assaulting an 11-year-old child in a Manhattan park.

A foul-mouthed guy was detained Saturday for punching an 11-year-old girl in the face at a Manhattan park's dog run, police said.

Authorities say the altercation began when a group of unruly students arrived at the park about midday during recess and began tossing mud and party snappers over a fence into the dog run.

When an adult supervisor was unable to calm the growing situation, angry dog owners confronted the children.

DiRenzo allegedly approached the children within seconds and concentrated his wrath towards the 11-year-old girl who was yelling at him.

Nathaniel Direnzo is escorted out of the 13th Precinct in Manhattan, New York, on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021.
Nathaniel Direnzo is escorted out of the 13th Precinct in Manhattan, New York, on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021.

DiRenzo allegedly shouted at the adult supervisor, "Grip her the f—- up before I put my hands on her."

"You're an embarrassment," he declared. "I'm still amazed they pay you to do this."

The girl then entered the park and confronted the man, who police identified as DiRenzo.

"You chubby little b——h. You're not going to amount to anything in life," DiRenzo declared in a now-private YouTube video.

According to authorities, DiRenzo, 29, seized the girl's hair, smacked her in the face, and wrapped his hands around her neck. According to video, the irate man also fought punches with a 15-year-old boy who was supporting the girl.

DiRenzo fled, and the 11-year-old child was airlifted to Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center in stable condition. Her 15-year-old classmate received minor injuries at the scene, officials said.

DiRenzo, dressed in a gray business suit and glasses, brushed aside reporters' queries as he was escorted out of the 13th Precinct stationhouse following his arrest on Saturday.

He faces charges of strangulation, endangering a child, assault, and harassment, police said.

A man who works near DiRenzo's East Village apartment expressed amazement at what he witnessed in the video.

"It's great to see police officers performing their duties," Brandon Troy said. "That someone would inflict such a horrific assault on a small child...regardless of what transpired."

Saturday evening, DiRenzo's arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court was scheduled.