MMA fighter Ula Siekacz vs Piotrek Muaboy, inter gender fight in Poland

Match fans appalled by 'horrific' inter-gender mixed martial arts fight.

Fans in Poland have been horrified by a horrifying mixed martial arts bout night in which a guy battered his female opponent.

Fans of mixed martial arts were outraged after a female competitor was battered by a man opponent during an inter-gender bout in Poland. As the referee was forced to stop the battle, one viewer characterized the situation as 'horrific.'

Ula Siekacz is an arm wrestler and fitness teacher who frequently flaunts her biceps on social media.

However, they were insufficient to protect her from Piotrek Muaboy, who characterizes himself as '185cm of pure sex'.

MMA fighter Ula Siekacz vs Piotrek Muaboy, inter gender fight in Poland
Piotrek Muaboy bashed Ula Siekacz.

A video of the concert, which took place in a hotel in the Polish city of Czestochowa, has surfaced online.

The pair can be seen exchanging very light strikes before Muaboy lands a couple of good punches to Siekacz's face.

After regaining her composure, she attempts a take-down but everything goes horribly wrong.

Muaboy is able to spin Siekacz around and flip her onto her back.

She attempts to break free of his grip and hurls numerous punches that strike Muaboy in the head.

However, he shrugs them off and mounts her before the rain of blows begins.

With Siekacz pinned down and unable to defend herself, the referee dashes over to bring the match to a halt.

Following the video's release, MMA fans immediately condemned the spectacle.

"How is this sanctioned?" one slammed. This is heinous."

"F*** everyone who participated in this," another said. And f*** you for highlighting it."

Mister B added, "What in the unmatched f*** is this?!!"

"This is ludicrous," Martin wrote.

Additionally, another stated, "This is not MMA."

That was not the only man against woman fight on the night, as Michal Przybylowicz, dubbed the 'Polish Ken Doll,' defeated Wiktoria Domalska in a different encounter.