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Mitchell Pearce text scandal, wedding cancelled with kristin scott Newcastle

With the sexing charges, Mitchell Pearce canceled the marriage

Star Mitchell Pearce's engagement was canceled from Newcastle Knights after he reportedly sent racy texts to a young female club staff member.

On Tuesday, Pearce was expected to be married to partner Kristin Scott in Byron, but the wedding was now abolished by a story in the newspaper Daily Telegraph reported by The Sydney Morning Hotel Herald.

Knights management was told of the matter, but no complaints came from inside the club.

As late as Christmas Eve, a few guests on the 150 list were told that the marriage was cancelled. Many well established players were invited to marry, including Kieran Foran.

Pearce is in talks for a new Knights deal and will enter his fifteenth season next year

The Sunday Telegram was a private matter, Pearce accused COVIC-19 of canceling the deal.

He was reported to have said in the News Corp article, "It's Covid mate." "We work out things. For us, this is a very tough time. Nobody else, it's our business. We didn't cancel, we postponed. I'm dull with people rumoring."

Philip Gardner, Chief Executive Officer of Knights, was clear in his conviction that it was a private matter between Pearce and his partner.

Pearce's negotiation for a new Knights deal is now starting his fifteenth season the following year. The 31 year old has recently opened his fiance to a barrel studio in the city.

Pearce wants to sign up for the club, which will take him up to 36, for at least another five years.

Pearce said to the Herald earlier this month, "I do not have time on the duration of play I want to continue. I feel strong, physically, and mentally, I still love to come on. I love competing and strive to reach the limits every year. 'I am fortunate I haven't had too many injuries.

"I haven't skipped the workout even last season or missed a game. For a couple of years I've had a lot of good footy ahead of me."


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