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Megan Thy Stallion gives Bitcoin a million

Now that Bitcoin is at a very high level (over $23K!), Megan Thee Stallion is making for her fans something pretty cool.


The rapper makes young people learn more about financial awareness and also offers a Twitter donation worth one million Bitcoin!

In reality, the GQs Rapper of the Year the two BET awards, Apple's Breakout Artist, and the four Grammy nominations have been awarded after a whirling year of awards, including those from Time Magazine, which is the biggest force.

In cooperation with Cash App, Megan Thee Estallion gives the coins!

All receiving Megan bitcoin can opt for it and watch the change in value, or sell it in return for the dollars immediately.

Megan is also introducing a new Cash App feature named $cashtag that allows Bitcoin to be sent immediately. Bitcoin transactions normally require long and lourd wallet addresses, but all you require is a $Cashtag to get something from Meg with the Cash App.

Bitcoin is the first digital currency named "cryptocurrency" and the most popular.

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Megan Thy Stallion is Bitcoin Gifting Fans

In particular, Megan Thy Stallion got the bug this year. She has collaborated with Amazon's Rap Rotation to launch a $10,000 color scholarship scheme, which is an ode to her colleagues' pursuits while they are surfing. It was also joined to celebrate the success of the duo's "WAP" single with a $1 million cash app donation with Cardi B.

In a new collaboration with Cash App, the native of Houston returns to the payment application for gift fans with Bitcoin portions.

"It's OFFFICIAL on team @Cashapp that Hot Girl coach," Meg wrote Thursday (Dec. 17). "I am giving as much as I can to celebrate $1 MILLION in Bitcoin! [I] will send these million units until they're gone, so drop the $cashapp below w#BITCOINMEG for a slice."

With Bitcoin now in the region of about 23,000 dollars, it is difficult to imagine Meg distributing these high volumes through the ash app. Rather, any fan who is fortunate enough to get a piece actually receives 50,000 Bitcoin satoshis. The device, named after the cryptocurrency developer(s), is equal to a millionth of a Bitcoin. The pull of fans is worth approximately $11 at this moment. Though Bitcoin's penchant for bullet characters doesn't seem like much in future a satoshi could become a big retention.

"Hotties Bitcoin is a truly clever investment and is growing over time," recalled Meg.