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Millie Boyle and Adam Elliott, Gold Coast toilet tryst played out in public

The astonishing reveal by NRL footballers following the bathroom tryst controversy.

Millie Boyle and Adam Elliott of the National Rugby League have shared a photo together, exposing a romantic twist to their innocent kiss.

Millie Boyle of the NRLW and Adam Elliott of the old Bulldogs have come forward to confirm they are in a serious relationship.

The two became involved in scandal during a public bathroom tryst on the Gold Coast, which culminated in Elliott agreeing to have his Canterbury contract terminated.

Boyle, who plays for the Brisbane Broncos and is a famous figure on Instagram, was punished by the NRL and told to undergo training about her responsibilities as a high-profile player to the game's image — despite her insistence that the bathroom tryst was a "innocent kiss."

Elliott was fined and suspended for the remainder of the NRL season by the Bulldogs in August.

Millie Boyle and Adam Elliott, Gold Coast toilet tryst played out in public
Adam Elliott and Millie Boyle make their relationship public.

Elliott was removed out of a restaurant after being spotted in the men's restroom with Boyle, where they exchanged a kiss, it was revealed at the time.

Elliott and Boyle were reportedly locked in a toilet cubicle before Elliott was compelled to exit without his shirt on.

Elliott consented in September to have his two-year, $1 million contract terminated, but was reportedly compensated $100,000 for the early termination. The team has not publicly verified the payment.

His exit from the club has now been revealed to be far from the end of the story.

Elliott signed a career-saving agreement with the Canberra Raiders earlier this week.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the one-year contract is for $200,000.

Off the pitch, the issue has taken an unusual turn, with Boyle confirming their relationship in an Instagram photo.

Her caption looked to be a joke about Elliott's previous deal with the Bulldogs.

"Lost a milli. got a Millie," she captioned a photo on Instagram for her 26,000 followers.

Her Instagram post was filled with messages of congratulations from prominent people in Australian sport, including Erin Molan, Wallabies star Reece Hodge, Broncos icon Ali Brigginshaw, motorsport TV personality Riana Crehan, boxer Ebanie Bridges, and Olympic diving great Melissa Wu.

Millie Boyle and Adam Elliott.
Millie Boyle and Adam Elliott.

According to the 23-year-old, the couple would attempt to make their relationship work over long distance, with Elliott relocating to Canberra and she remaining in Brisbane.

"I'm typically quite private about this sort of thing," Millie explained. "However, we are a unit. I explained at the time that we were both unmarried and had known each other for a long time. Adam is now performing in Canberra, while I will be in Brisbane. We'll watch how we do from afar. Covid, perhaps, will allow us to catch up. I'll watch a few of his games, and he's welcome to come watch some of mine."

Elliott had alcohol counseling this year as a result of an incident during the preseason involving former teammate Michael Lichaa and Lichaa's fiancee.

Elliott was fined $25,000 in 2018 after being charged with willful and obscene exposure at the Bulldogs' Mad Monday celebrations with teammate Asipeli Fine.

Elliott made 18 appearances for the Bulldogs this season after suffering a season-ending shoulder injury midway through 2020. He played his 100th NRL game against the Warriors in Round 22.


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