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This is how it worked: The judge in Louisiana who used the word "n*****" in a video has been forced out.

"My words did not build the public's trust and integrity in the judiciary," Michelle Odinet wrote in a letter to the Lafayette, La., City Court on Friday.

This is what her lawyer and the judge say: The judge, who was caught on video making racist remarks while watching security footage from her home, has resigned, the lawyer says.

When the judge, Michelle Odinet, wrote a letter to the chief justice of Louisiana's Supreme Court on Friday, she said, "I take full responsibility for the words I used to describe the person who broke into my cars."

Asked for forgiveness, she said, "I am sorry for causing you pain and I ask for your forgiveness, because my words did not help the public have faith and trust in the courts."

Ms. Odinet said she was stepping down after a lot of thought and prayer, and to help the community heal.

It's possible to hear people inside the judge's house making a racist slur and laughing as they describe security-camera footage of someone trying to break into a car on Dec. 11 in the video.

Michelle Odinet recording youtube fox news, pics wiki hot bikini foxnews
Michelle Odinet is running for the Lafayette City Court judge job in 2020.

People in the room say that they were in the security footage and helped stop the burglary. The word "mom" is used a few times. The lawyer for Ms. Odinet, Dane S. Ciolino, later said that she had used a racial slur in the video, which did not show the faces of the people who were talking.

Afterwards, civic groups like the Lafayette branch of N.A.A.C.P., asked for the judge to resign and for her to step down from her cases.

He said on Friday that the video footage raised reasonable doubts about Ms. Odinet's impartiality as a judge.

"There was never going to be a time when African Americans would show up before her and not ask her to step aside."

There is no more being a judge. "She knows that she's done," he said. "She's just starting to try to get back at her community." "She knows it will be a long time."

Miss Odinet told The Current, a Lafayette-based non-profit news group, that the video was shot in her home. She didn't say that she had used slurs in the video, though.

It was because of the attempted burglary that her "mental state was fragile," she said. At the time of the video, she had been "given a sedative," which is how she said it.

A statement from Odinet: "I have no memory of the video, and I don't remember the disturbing language that was used during it." Anybody who knows me and my husband knows this is not how we live.

Late on Friday, the local N.A.A.C.P. chapter didn't answer a message right away. In the past, the chapter's leader, Michael Toussaint, said that Ms. Odinet wasn't good enough for the job she did.

"We don't think that someone who has shown her true nature should be in charge of any office that has control over the judiciary," he said.

Republicans elected Ms. Odinet in 2020 to be the judge of Lafayette City Court's Division A, and she will be in the job for two years. Six-year terms are the norm for city judges. When she worked for the district attorney's office in New Orleans and Lafayette, she was a prosecutor.

There were efforts in New Orleans to look through the files of Ms. Odinet to see if there were any signs of racism in how she handled cases involving black people, said Mr. Ciolino, who lives there.

"She wants that," he said, "because it would show that she hasn't been a racist in real life."


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