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Micah Parsons penn state locker rooms, brittney griner sent back


After Brittney Griner's release, Micah Parsons and Boomer Esiason talk about Joe Biden.

Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons was active on Twitter Thursday morning after WNBA star Brittney Griner was freed after being held for months in Russia.

Some people call Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout the "Merchant of Death." When Griner was sent back to the U.S. in exchange for Bout, Parsons took to Twitter to show that he didn't like the deal.

Micah Parsons penn state locker rooms, brittney griner sent back
Micah Parson.

"Wait nah!! We abandoned a marine?!! "Hell no," Parsons wrote in response to a report that Marine Paul Whelan, who has been in Russian custody for four years, was not part of the swap.

President Joe Biden sent a tweet from his @POTUS account with a picture of him talking with Brittney Griner and the words, "I just talked to Brittney Griner. She's okay. She's in the air. She's heading home."

The message didn't seem to get Parsons excited.

"We're not going to vote for you!" In a quote tweet, Parsons wrote what Biden said.

Many people online then talked about Parsons' political views. The 23-year-old tried to fix the damage by deleting his first message to Biden and sending out a new one soon after.

"Brittney Griner wasn't the target of my last tweet. "I'm so glad she's home where she belongs," Parsons wrote. "I have family members who have served, and I think it's crazy that the President wouldn't also bring him home. I have nothing good to say about Trump, but I don't like Biden either."

He then went back on his words even more.

"I just talked to a few people I like and trust. I should have known more about the subject and not tweeted out of emotion for my family and others who have served," Parsons wrote. "I'm sorry about that. Also, if what I'm told is true about the efforts to bring Ret Marine Paul Whelan home, then the best thing happened. I hope Mr. Whelan comes home, but Brittney and her family make me very happy. I'm not too proud to say when I've done something wrong."

Brittney Griner shows up in Russia for a hearing.
Brittney Griner shows up in Russia for a hearing.

Parsons is having a great season on defense for the Cowboys, who have a 9-3 record and are in good shape to make the playoffs. Parsons has 12 sacks and three forced fumbles, and Dallas has the best defensive DVOA, according to Football Outsiders.

The linebacker was not the only famous athlete to say bad things about the swap. Boomer Esiason, who hosts "Boomer & Gio" on WFAN and used to be an NFL quarterback, replied to Parsons' original tweet Thursday while on air and said something similar.

Boomer Esiason.
Boomer Esiason.

Esiason said, "I'm telling you, more people feel that way than don't." "Right now, I can tell you that. Like we said before, I know we're all happy that Brittney's home. But when you think about what we gave up to get back a WNBA player and how a Marine's family has been trying for years to get him out of there with no help from the U.S. government, it seems like a big deal. I kind of get the feeling that the Russians just used her to get this guy out. It's not a fair trade at all. We can all agree that what happened to Brittney shouldn't have. But man, we look like such losers. And it makes me feel so sad to hear our President talk about it. I wish I could be happy, but I can't."


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