Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagace cocaine babe smuggle $16 million

After attempting to smuggle 200 pounds of cocaine on a luxury cruise ship, the porn star turned 'cocaine babe' faces deportation notes that Canadian porn star and "cocaine babe" Isabelle Lagace is facing deportation from New South Wales, Australia, to Canada after she is released from her jail sentence for trying to smuggle $16 million of cocaine on a luxury cruise to Sydney in 2016.

Along with her fellow Canadian cocaine babe, Melina Roberge, the 28-year-old ex-porn star was arrested on board the MS Sea Princess.

From Peru to Australia, the women attempted to smuggle 95 kilograms of cocaine, all while keeping a glamorous social media profile that implied living a carefree luxury existence.

The then-23-year-old cocaine babes, including the former porn star, along with Canadian Andrew Tamine, 67, were nabbed by Australian Border Force officers when they were spotted boarding the cruise ship with the drug in their suitcases.

Three out of the seven-member drug cartels on the ship were the trio, including the cocaine babes and the former porn star.

The four other suspected drug smugglers have been spared detention.

The Canadian native worked with her friend Melina Roberge as a drug mule, ferrying $16 million of cocaine to Australia from Peru.
The Canadian native worked with her friend Melina Roberge as a drug mule, ferrying $16 million of cocaine to Australia from Peru.

After they incurred heavy debts in Canada, the cocaine babes became drug mules on behalf of Roberge's "sugar daddy." And after doing porn, Lagace did so.

The CBC claimed in 2018 that in a much bigger drug trafficking game, the cocaine babes, including the former porn star, were pawns.

At her sentencing hearing for drug smuggling last March, when Roberge addressed a Sydney court room, her long brown hair pulled back into a bun, she revealed that she did it for the like. She enjoyed her account on Instagram. So the promise of selfies in New York, Cartagena and Lima was just too difficult to ignore when her "sugar daddy" gave her a free luxury cruise around the world in 2016.

So, basically, the sugar daddy forced the cocaine babes, including the former porn star, to serve as mules because he knew how badly they wanted to take the luxurious cruise.

The females were expecting a 51-day holiday, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. Their first-class tickets were worth $20,000, and $6,000 in spending money was given to them and they were offered another payment upon drug delivery.

They knew nothing that they were now cogs in the wheel of a major global drug-trafficking operation.

Not long after she was arrested, Lagace, who was doing porn before becoming a crack babe, pleaded guilty. She was sentenced to seven years and six months in jail, and her release is now scheduled for February 27.

The unhappy ending became all too real for Isabelle Lagace when she was convicted of importing nearly 30 kilograms of pure cocaine with a street value of up to $21.5 million.

She will be moved to the custody of the Department of Home Affairs for deportation back to Canada once the porn-star-turned-cocaine-babe Legace is released.

The release of Roberge is slated for May.

The ship made a crucial stop in Lima, Peru, after stopping at ports in Ireland, New York City, Bermuda, Panama and Ecuador. There, four guys, including the one who used to star in porn, disembarked to pick up the drug stash and hand it over to the cocaine babes.

The Kansas City Star claims that the two women used Instagram as a decoy, sharing images on Instagram of their glamorous seafaring holiday to make it look like they were only traveling for the glory of it all.

People were living it up. They wore bikinis and cocktail dresses, rode on ATVs, sipped coconut cocktails and posed in Times Square for selfies. They had sun-drenched, steamy, colorful images of them.