Mel Gibson Family rejected Andrew due homophobia gay, Live in a squalid flat

Megastar Mel Gibson's brother, Andrew, lived a wretched existence in a Sydney public housing unit.
Although his older brother might be a Hollywood movie star, Andrew Gibson lives in a low-quality housing commission apartment.

Even though Andrew lives in one of Sydney's most infamous public housing blocks, light years away from his Hollywood celebrity brother, he says that some of his relatives have rejected him.

In an exclusive interview, the adopted brother of world-famous actor and director Mel Gibson reported that the rejection, ordered by their father Hutton, was due in part to their father's apparent homophobia.

From his home in the red brick high rises in the Surry Hills known locally as ‘Suicide Towers,' the speaker expressed that Mel had always been helpful, unlike other relatives.

Following recent stressful events, Andrew wanted to talk about his life.

The 14-year-old boy who aspires to be an actress but is slightly younger than his multi-millionaire sibling lives in Northcott Tower with his four pet chihuahuas.

In the near future, Andrew, the one who was recently hit with a homemade machete by a neighbor wielding a machete, will be convicted. He had previously pleaded guilty to drug driving with ice and cannabis in his system.

Mel Gibson is one of the richest actors of all time, with a net worth of $425 million. A visual image of Chris Pavlich
Mel Gibson is one of the richest actors of all time, with a net worth of $425 million. A visual image of Chris Pavlich

Andrew, who is openly gay, and whose orientation was disapproved of by the strict Christian atmosphere in the Gibson household, has long felt ostracized.

Though he does not point out any of the living Gibson relatives (Mel or others), he is in fact aiming criticism at the patriarch, Hutton Gibson, who he always refers to as “dad”.

Hutton, a far-right conspiracy theorist who asserted that the Holocaust was a hoax, declared that the pope was a heretic, and that “half the people in the Vatican are gay”, passed away in 2017 at the age of 101.

Andrew said, “The Gibsons will have nothing to do with me because I am tragic.”

My sexuality is an issue. Even though Mel has never been anti-Semitic or anti-gay, it was determined by his father … You couldn't accept who you were, and Hutton turned you down.

As I am of the same ilk, it was easier for me to be with my genetic kin. I will never forget what he did to me. He refused to let me be a member of the family, and he said he wished he hadn't adopted me.

He referred to my genetic family as ‘criminals.' “He had called me a prick once, and I'd said, ‘That's how I was born.'

When Andrew, who is now 51, has lived in the same flat in the Northcott housing commission estate for five years, the area was infamous for the number of people who killed themselves there.

Prior to being known as “Northcott Mutilator”, Damien Peters hid body parts in garbage skips and in a bathtub that was discovered to hold a headless torso.

Also, it was the scene of the 1990 afternoon shooting committed by Paul Anthony Evers, who killed five people in a spree after being named a “dole bludger”.

In an additional statement, Andrew said that he sometimes speaks to his older brother Mel, and he went on to say that “Mel is supportive, but he lives in Los Angeles.”

Andrew, who has no hope of a handout from his older brother Mel's $425 million net worth, lives in a position that he describes as both making him fearful and restless.

As one of his most famous roles, Braveheart (1995) features Andrew's older brother Mel Gibson.
As one of his most famous roles, Braveheart (1995) features Andrew's older brother Mel Gibson.

The Northcott Apartments, among million-dollar terrace homes, were once a “dumping ground” for people suffering from mental illness, chronic alcoholism, prison parolees, and people who were cash-poor due to their HIV infection.

The scandal as a crack house saw security reinforced, and new guards employed at the front door.

He has three locks on his house, but Andrew still feels vulnerable.

Andrew said about the incident that led to his neighbor's conviction: “I'm still scared.

There are factions of people here, and each one has its own interests. This is gang-related. drug/prostitution gangs People seem to be accusing me. The details haven't been read.

The evidence for the case from the NSW Police state that the victim's 70-year-old neighbor approached him with a 21cm knife that was fastened to a 1m piece of wood in the corridor outside their flats.

The facts show that on April 16, last year, the man, who had had a verbal altercation with Gibson, approached Gibson around lunchtime.

I heard you call me a Lebanese c***.'” I have friends who will take you out, you scoundrels. When you depart from this house, you will not be left alone.

A homemade spear ... appears to be solely intended for inflicting injury on a human, as per the police report.

He marched over to Gibson, holding the pistol horizontally in both hands and shouting “You white prick.”

Finally, the man came clean and confessed that he made the weapon “for my protection because I don't like him.”

The man was convicted last week of one count each of being armed with the intent to commit an indictable offense and of trying to stalk, intimidate, and frighten people with the intent to cause them harm. He was sentenced to a probation order under community supervision.

At around the age of three, Andrew Gibson was pictured alongside his adoptive mother, Anne Gibson, as he was enrolled in elementary school. Mel, his older brother, was in high school.
At around the age of three, Andrew Gibson was pictured alongside his adoptive mother, Anne Gibson, as he was enrolled in elementary school. Mel, his older brother, was in high school.

Andrew told the assault was part of a broader pattern of violence in the flats, adding, "It's outrageous."

Gibson has approached individuals such as the police, St Vincent's Stimulant Recovery Service, Housing NSW, and the Northcott committee, with statements like these.

“My neighbors say that if I don't move out, I will be framed or basically murdered.”

He claimed in another document that he doesn't fit in with the local culture, and said that he had been “accused of being a drug dealer” and of having “wild sex parties.”

Additionally, he has claimed that his fish tanks have been robbed as well as "abusers injecting meth and… keeping me awake all night and my pets."

I am absolutely at a loss." To escape the unfairness of his situation, he wrote in another post, “I could just move out, but I don't think I should have to leave.”

He is going, but the location is not being revealed, as he uses Housing NSW and Northcott's building management, know as The Pottery Barn, to support him.

He claimed that only alcohol and marijuana inspired him to get back on drugs after his assault.

Last week, Andrew pleaded guilty by phone to drug driving in Surry Hills on October 31, with methamphetamine and THC in his system.

The late adopted mother of Andrew, who was adopted by Hutton and Anne Gibson when they were living in Australia in the early 1970s, was identified as being a “lovely” person and a good mother.

Before moving to the birth country of Hutton's Australian Opera singer mother (Eva Mylott), Anne gave birth to 10 children, including Mel.

Gibson debuted as a 30-year-old in The Bleak Redemption
Gibson debuted as a 30-year-old in The Bleak Redemption

As a computer programmer and theologian, Hutton previously served in Australia.

Andrew claimed that the family had lived in Mount Kuring-gai, Sydney, then Redcliffe in Queensland, before moving to Windsor and, eventually, Albury in New South Wales.

He had crucifixes which were part of his inheritance from the Gibsons in preparation for moving flats this week.

Tridentine mass is celebrated exclusively in ecclesiastical Latin, he said, under the influence of Hutton.

“It's like a cult,” he said.

After setting up The World Faith Foundation of California, Mel founded a Tridentine congregation, which he supported through Hutton Gibson's World Faith Foundation of California.

Andrew claimed that Hutton had financially helped him and his 11 children. We never went hungry or naked.

He grew up with an older brother who had left home by the time he was a child, and so he felt as if he didn't fit in.

"When I was a kid, Mel's career was going strong," he explained.

When I was 16, I left home and began having sex with men. I like masculine guys, bikers; I'm not effeminate. Although it is true that I am a woman on the inside, I have not felt comfortable presenting myself as such.

Andrew had left home in 1985, which is when Mel Gibson had already become a star, having starred in the 1979 film Mad Max, in the 1981 movie Gallipoli, and the 1982 film Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

Andrew followed his brother into the arts, starring in a short low-budget fan film named "The Dark Redemption".

As a corporate recruiter, Andrew said that, at the time, his one-line role as an officer on a rebel starship was “for fun, not the money.”

In any case, I'm a bit of a rebel, which is why I'm doing this. I don't intend on trying to make a career out of this. When it comes to family stuff, I generally leave it to them.

It was almost ten years ago that I discovered Andrew Gibson, Mel Gibson's adopted brother, in Surry Hills.
It was almost ten years ago that I discovered Andrew Gibson, Mel Gibson's adopted brother, in Surry Hills.

Andrew had clarified that, despite having no professional acting aspirations, his role in the film “for three seconds” accrued more credits than the other actors who all earned duds.

Apparently, I was very proficient. "They loathed me"

For that matter, he has said that “I've made some porn, but I have never acted.”

In more recent times, he has worked as a disability support carer, but he has confirmed that he is "on stress leave."

Also after having been rejected by Hutton and going through a recent struggle, Andrew said that he was grateful to have the love and support of a biker he claims is his biological father.

The Gibsons said he was, and as far as I'm concerned, he is my dad.

He said that because of his father's contacts in the motorcycle gang world, he was “motorcycle royalty”.

He said, “We speak to each other daily.” Three years ago, he managed to get me off of rocks.

"He is incredibly open-minded and extremely supportive."

Andrew said that he thought that the Northcott housing flats would continue to be troubled unless the government "financially supported it".

In response to claims that his older brother was himself racist or homophobic, Andrew denied that he was racist or homophobic.

When Mel Gibson was arrested for driving under the influence in Malibu in 2006, he told the arresting officer, “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

Later, he issued an apology to the Jewish people calling for forgiveness.

Tapes were leaked in 2010 which included a profanity-laced tirade in which he named his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, a female dog and a black human, among other epithets.

Winona Ryder said Mel had made negative remarks about her years ago at a party, referring to the Holocaust as a “oven dodger”.

According to Ryder, he told an openly gay star, “Oh wait, am I going to get AIDS? ”

Neither of these statements is valid.

Andrew vehemently defended his brother Mel, who had “never said anything anti-gay”.

When he told the Gibsons he was gay at the age of 22, Mel Gibson's brother told him, “It is not my choice, but I love you and you are my brother.”