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Megan Barton-Hanson argues that women are justified in selling their naked photographs.

A British reality star has defended her X-rated company against critics, arguing that selling nude pictures empowers women.

Megan Barton Hanson, a British reality star, has joined a growing list of celebrities and influencers who have partnered with subscription sites such as OnlyFans to earn money selling sexy selfies.

However, the 26-year-old is rebutting those who argue that posing naked undermines feminism, arguing that it is strong, in an opinion piece for The Sun.

According to the former Love Island UK star and OnlyFans regular, "OnlyFans is a paid content platform that has shifted the power dynamic for glamour models and sex workers, with the content owner now firmly in control."

Megan Barton-Hanson is an OnlyFans content
Megan Barton-Hanson is an OnlyFans content

Individuals on the web can set their own rates and select their desired 'level,' which can be topless or naked. Additionally, they will own all rights to the pictures. Previously, models often felt compelled to film at a higher level than they were comfortable with in order to gain more money or obtain additional work. And younger models, who are often unaware of the industry's risks, have become a priority for exploitation. While many people lost jobs as a result of lockdown, OnlyFans content creators were able to shoot from home and retain a taxable income sufficient to support themselves and their families. If you open Instagram, you'll see the world's most famous celebrity models sharing intimate and sexy photos on the free site.

“So why does charging for this sort of image turn it from sexy to slutty? “Men lust after sex icons, but when women seek financial gain from their sexuality, people become confused and irritated.

“Occasionally, I get very offensive messages from guys questioning why these photos cannot be made freely available.

It's as if they believe they are entitled to the images and that content creators who request payment are doing something wrong.

I receive similar criticism from women – those who believe it violates feminist ideals.

To me, promoting women regardless of whether you agree with their actions constitutes feminism – we must encourage women to exercise their freedom of choice.

On the web, there is a large female culture, with women supporting and uplifting one another.

Some content creators are unable to work other jobs; they may be caregivers for others or actually choose to work from home.

According to the former Love Island contestant, selling underwear empowers women.
According to the former Love Island contestant, selling underwear empowers women.

Who are we to judge if artists participate in this work voluntarily?

The only problem with sex work is that it is not voluntary on the part of the worker. "But when someone is comfortable and has an income that enables them to provide for their families and contribute to society by taxation, I see no problem with that."

And if these developers do plan to branch out, the web is brimming with beauty tutorials, fitness workouts, and even cooking tutorials.

“I'm not sure these profiles will face the same level of scrutiny.”