Mauro Icardi wife Wanda Nara Instagram age, maria eugenia suarez love affair

Mauro Icardi's wife is at odds with a model over an alleged affair.

Mauro Icardi, the striker for Paris Saint-Germain, has found himself embroiled in a romantic scandal.

Wanda Nara — an Argentine beauty guru who also serves as Icardi's agent — accused him of cheating in a social media post on Saturday.

"Another family you have ruined for a s–t," Nara wrote before unfollowing Icardi on social media, according to The Sun.

Fans suspected the two had split days earlier after Nara posted the remark "I've separated" on social media. Then, Icardi was absent from PSG's Champions League victory against RB Leipzig due to a "personal issue," fueling the split rumor mill.

Nara also uploaded a photo on social media of her hand sans wedding ring, captioning it, "I prefer my hand without a ring."

Mauro Icardi wife Wanda Nara Instagram age, maria eugenia suarez love affair
Mauro Icardi and wife Wanda Nara

By Sunday, it appeared as though the pair had reconciled when Icardi posted an Instagram homage to Nara.

"Thank you for believing in this lovely family, my love," he wrote with a photo of the couple.

However, Argentinian model Maria Eugenia Suarez claimed on Wednesday that she was the "third woman" in Icardi's affair.

"I'm not going to be silent today," Suarez said in messages translated by The Sun.

According to the source, Icardi and Suarez's alleged romance includes secret discussions on Telegram via videos and audio messages.

maria eugenia suarez
maria eugenia suarez

Suarez said on Instagram, "What transpired is a situation that I did not initiate, encourage, or provoke." There is a far larger and more complex tale underlying what is happening today, one that many women will relate with. I've become confused with males whose remarks I've always taken to mean that they were separated or on the verge of separation and there were no disputes...

"I am the one who bears the burden of maintaining the appearance of a happy family, not the man who was crazy and made a mistake. My unwavering silence in order to protect my family relationships has always been a priority, but it worked against me," she said.

Suarez stated that she was moved to come out after "these men remained silent and let wolves to devour me."

Suarez continued, without naming Icardi's wife, "It also appears to be simpler for a woman to attack me as a means of unloading her fury."

Soon after Suarez posted the words on her Instagram Story, Nara responded with her own story post.

"I'm going to look after my family." Nara wrote over a collage of PDA images with Icardi, "Life will take care of the little b–ches."

Icardi and Nara met in 2013, while she was married to Maxi Lopez, a former Sampdoria teammate. They married in May 2014, shortly after Lopez's divorce was finalized.