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Mars Wrigley Australia boycott chocolate bar, snickers overnight oats slice cake

The company that owns Snickers, Mars Wrigley, apologized to China for calling Taiwan a "country."
The company that owns Snickers, Mars Wrigley, apologized to China for calling Taiwan a "country."
Fans of Snickers are mad at Mars Wrigley for apologizing to China because they don't want to lose sales.

After apologizing to China for an ad that caused a stir around the world, candy company Mars Wrigley got pushback from everyone.

Fans of Snickers are threatening to stop buying the candy bar after its parent company, Mars Wrigley, apologized to China for promoting a new product in which Taiwan was called a country.

When the limited edition Snickers Bar came out, it caused a social media storm on the Chinese app Weibo. This was because screenshots of the product's advertising showed that it was only available in South Korea, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

The promotion also featured the South Korean boyband BTS. It quickly caught the attention of thousands of Weibo users from China's mainland, where any mention of Taiwan as a separate country is seen as controversial.

After the uproar, Mars Wrigley quickly posted an apology on the Snickers China Weibo account, admitting that they had said something that wasn't true.

The statement posted on Friday said, "We are aware of reports of Snickers-related activities in some parts of Asia. We take this very seriously and deeply apologize."

"Mars Wrigley respects China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and it does business in strict accordance with Chinese laws and rules."

Some Weibo users, who said the candy company didn't acknowledge Taiwan was part of China, still weren't happy with the apology.

A second statement from Mars Wrigley was posted on Weibo. It said, "There is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's territory."

Even though the apology may have made people in China happy, Mars Wrigley is now in another tough spot because fans of the nutty chocolate bar outside of China are threatening to stop buying it because its parent company gave in to "bullies."

"Snickers is sorry to China for referring to Taiwan as a country. Seriously? The people of Taiwan think they are free... you kiss the arse of China, Snickers? "Boycott #Snickers, it's embarrassing and sad," said one Twitter user.

"Tell people they shouldn't buy Snickers. Why? Trying to make Chinese bullies happy. "Grow some balls #snickers," wrote someone else on Twitter.

Others made posts about the candy company that used the hashtags #TaiwanIsACountry and #TaiwanIsNotChina.

"Won't be buying any more Snickers...

"#Taiwanisacountry," a tweet from Queensland said.

Another user tweeted, "I'm buying Chokitos now," which is what Nestle calls a Snickers bar.

Others, meanwhile, argue about whether or not Taiwan should be a country and ask China to let the island become independent.

"OMG Taiwan IS a country! Unless you think it's just a spot of paint on a map!" tweeted one person.

"Taiwan has its own president, parliament, army, currency, and passport, all of which are chosen by the people. "If it's not a country, I don't know what it is," another person tweeted.

"Taiwan is a free country that made itself. If I were China, I would show the world that they respect sovereignty, because if they don't, how can the rest of the world respect China?

Even though the Australian government doesn't recognize Taiwan as a separate country, most of the people do.

Less than 10% of Australians think that Taiwan is a part of China, according to a poll done in April by Resolve Political Monitor for Fairfax Media.

More than two thirds of the people surveyed said Australia should "do something" if China invaded Taiwan.

"Is Taiwan a country?" searches on Google go through the roof.

Australia-wide, the number of Google searches for "is Taiwan a country?" has gone up by 40% in the last day. People in Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Singapore are most interested in the question.

Also, searches for "will China invade Taiwan" have gone up by 180% around the world, while searches for "why is Taiwan not recognized as a country" have gone up by 110%.

Wikipedia has been calling Taiwan a country for a while, but China sees the 24 million-person island as a breakaway province called the Republic of China.

Mars Wrigley isn't the first company to say sorry for calling parts of Asia countries by the wrong name out of fear of losing a big consumer market.

In 2018, Qantas changed its website so that Hong Kong and Taiwan are no longer called countries, but Chinese Territories instead.

Taiwan is an island near the mainland of China.
Taiwan is an island near the mainland of China.

In the same year, Beijing shut down the website of the hotel chain Marriott in China because a questionnaire said that Taiwan, Tibet, and Hong Kong were all different countries.

Then, in 2019, the French luxury brand Dior apologized for using a map of China in a presentation that didn't show Taiwan.

Tensions between China and Taiwan have been in the news for the last week after Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, visited the Chinese island, which Beijing claims is part of China.

Since Ms. Pelosi's visit, China has stopped working with the US on important issues like climate change and has been doing military drills around Taiwan.

The Chinese government has also given Ms. Pelosi and her family permission to go to China.

Inside the US-China fight over Taiwan, which is getting worse by the day

Last week, the two most powerful men on Earth, Chinese leader Xi Jinping and US Vice President Joe Biden, talked on the phone.

"Those who play with fire will die by it," ruthless Xi told him in a calm and cold way. This was a sinister jab at the US "provocations" over the disputed island of Taiwan.

The Sun said that just a few days later, the two superpowers are now in a standoff that could be worse than Russia's invasion of Ukraine and lead to World War III.

Even though the US has said it will protect Taiwan's right to be free, China says the island state, which is run by a democratic government and is only 160 km from its coast, is its own sovereign territory.

Nancy Pelosi, the third most powerful politician in the United States, made China even more angry by going to the island and "playing with fire."

Pelosi, the 82-year-old Speaker of the US House of Representatives, has been fighting against China for decades. She is the first major US politician to visit in 25 years, and while she was there, she criticized Xi's government while meeting with Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen.

As soon as Pelosi's plane arrived, 21 Chinese fighter jets crossed the Taiwan Strait. This set off air raid sirens all over the "powder keg" state.

Now, hundreds more war planes, battleships, and thousands of troops will take part in six days of drills in six nearby exclusion zones, some of which are as close to the coast as 16 km.

Military experts have warned that there will be a big chance of a terrible mistake and a scary global escalation during the war games.


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