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Mark Meadows fraud investigation news today, twitter cast legal vote 2020

Mark Meadows has been removed from the list of people who can vote in North Carolina because of an investigation into whether there was any fraud.

In 2020, the state is looking into whether or not Mr. Meadows was able to vote legally. This comes after reports said that he might not have lived at the address on his voter registration.

An election official says that North Carolina has removed former Trump White House chief of staff and Trump campaign manager Mark Meadows from the voter rolls. Officials are investigating whether Meadows fraudulently registered to vote and cast a ballot in the state during the 2020 presidential race.

Mark Meadows fraud investigation news today, twitter cast legal vote 2020
At a mobile home six weeks before the 2020 election, Mark Meadows signed up to vote.

"Administratively," the Macon County Board of Elections took Mr. Meadows off the poll book on Monday because "documentation" showed that he lived in Virginia and had last been there to vote in 2021. "We don't believe that he is a fraud," a North Carolina Board of Elections spokesman said.

As a member of Congress, Mr. Meadows served North Carolina until March 2020. Then he worked in the White House, where he worked until then. In September of that year, Mr. Meadows and his wife, Debra, signed up to vote at a three-bedroom mobile home in Scaly Mountain, North Carolina, where they live now. By mail, he cast his vote for him, according to state records.

There was a report in The New Yorker last month that cast doubt on whether he ever lived there.

Mr. Meadows didn't answer his phone or text messages right away on Wednesday afternoon.

It was in 2021, before the Virginia governor's race was going to be very hot. He and his wife own a condo near Washington, DC in Virginia, where he and his wife live.

It's hard to find proof that people vote illegally, but Meadows and other Republicans have used the idea to say that the results of the last presidential election don't belong.


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