Mark Donnelly vancouver canucks anthem singer, COVID-19 deniers and anti-mask

Mark Donnelly Trips over the Ceremonial Carpet At center ice during the singing of O Canada at a Penticton VEES Hockey Game October 3 2014
Canucks broke ties with anthem singer Mark Donnelly at the anti-mask rally

Donnelly announced that he would sing at the controversial gathering.

The Vancouver Canucks split company with the team's anthem singer, Mark Donnelly, after announcing that he would be performing 'O Canada' this weekend at a rally in downtown Vancouver to protest COVID-19 restrictions.

B.C. B.C. Christmas Freedom Rally 2020 is expected to take place on Saturday afternoon outside the Vancouver Art Gallery, the site of numerous pandemic anti-mask protests, frequently attracting an array of anti-mask and anti-vaccine supporters, conspiracy theorists and other far-right figures.

Shortly after Donnelly announced his intentions, team owner Franceso Aquilini tweeted, "Hey @VancouverSun is changing the headline to 'Old Canucks Anthem Singer.'

Mark Donnelly

Aquilini didn't elaborate, but team officials upheld the owner's decision.

This specific rally involves 1:30 p.m. march. And on-stage singing is seasonally motivated to close the case. An event poster posted by organizer Ryan Kulbaba on Facebook states: "We reject government orders and gather for holidays! ”

British Columbians remain under residence-at-home orders and mask-mandate. Residents were urged to avoid social events of all kinds and sizes, while health officials seek to combat COVID-19's second wave.

Kulbaba was active in many anti-COVID-19 demonstrations. At November's anti-mask protest, Kulbaba urged attendees to shop without masks and film their interactions with store managers.

The Surrey resident was also the B.C's lead organizer. Freedom Mega Rally, a two-day gallery celebration in October.

Kulbaba's recent case drew a headliner. Donnelly, perhaps the most recognizable anthem singer in the region, will sing 'O Canada' at noon and perform just before 4 p.m., according to the rally's itinerary.

Donnelly announced that he would sing at the controversial gathering.

"I sing 'O Canada' as a sign of Canadian unity and strength," he said. "Strong and free north."

The Vancouver Canucks organization distanced itself from the anthem singer in Friday afternoon's statement.

"Mark Donnelly acts independently and we hope the public understands he's not representing the Vancouver Canucks," said Trent Carroll, COO. "We encourage all to wear a mask and follow provincial health orders."

You never know where Donnelly appears with his signature song rendition. The singer debuted at 7 p.m. in April. Greetings from the Amica White Rock courtyard, a senior home near Peace Arch Hospital.

Donnelly, a practicing Catholic, took more divisive gigs in the past. In 2012, at an anti-abortion protest, he sang 'O Canada' on Vancouver Art Gallery stairs.