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Marissa Rohan ball girl tackles fan at dodger stadium, marisa rough at work

Who is the Dodgers ball girl who was involved in a brawl with a fan on the field?

Marissa Rohan joined the Los Angeles Dodgers organization in 2019.

Marissa Rohan of the Los Angeles Dodgers has been dubbed a "hero" after tackling a fan who ran onto the field during Sunday's 6-1 victory over the Angels.

Rohan, who is dressed in a No. 93 Dodgers jersey on the field, completed the job after multiple security personnel failed to apprehend the intruder. Rohan, 24, has been a member of the team since January 2019.

Marissa Rohan ball girl tackles fan at dodger stadium, marisa rough at work
Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers in baseball, with City Hall visible in the background on the right.

Rohan has been sharing messages of support and encouragement from others on her Instagram Story. She even joked that Sunday had been a "difficult work day."

"Yeah, I'm not going to stop talking about this," she captioned an Instagram post about her play.

The 24-year-old California State University senior is pursuing a degree in deaf studies. She is an Alpha Phi sorority member.

Rohan is a former gymnast and softball player, as evidenced by previous posts on her public Instagram account — which she uses to document her relationship with boyfriend Justin Fallon, a Dodgers ticket operations supervisor.

Rohan is a typical college student when she is not saving the day at Dodger Stadium. She enjoys snowboarding, partying in Las Vegas, taking the occasional selfie, and spending time at the beach with friends.

The bottom line is that you should avoid attempting to sneak past the Dodgers ball girl.

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