Marcin zdun Salisbury UK allegedly killed his wife and daughter

Dad accused of killing wife and daughter after falsely claiming he was cheating

A man allegedly killed his wife and daughter because he felt they were too close' and falsely believed his wife cheated him.

Marcin Zdun, a Salisbury UK Tesco contractor, is accused of slitting their throats in jealous rage, a court heard.

The killings occurred days after his wife Aneta, 40, told him she wanted a divorce and begged him to leave family home.

Aneta Zdun, Marcin Zdun
Aneta Zdun, Marcin Zdun

He had come to believe that his wife and their 18-year-old daughter, Nikoleta, had become too close" and had no more influence over them the court was told.

Zdun had wrongly come to believe that his wife, a physiotherapist and carer, had a colleague affair.

Nikoleta was told to "terrify" the temper of her father.

Both had "catastrophic injuries and died shortly after.

Zdun denied two counts of murder but admitted murdering his wife and daughter, claiming the assault had no memory."

His mitigation is mental illness, decreasing accountability.

But at Winchester Crown Court, prosecutor Haggan QC argued otherwise.

"The prosecution says that the defendant decided to kill his wife and daughter, not because of a mental abnormality that significantly impaired [him], because he was jealous and angry, not only because of Aneta's perceived affair, but also because of the loss [of] his control of his wife and daughter," he said.

Killing 'Brutal'

Marcin and Nikoleta and a younger daughter (left) were college students.
Marcin and Nikoleta and a younger daughter (left) were college students.

"He wanted to destroy them, and that's exactly what he did—and in the brutalest way.

"For these reasons, we say the defendant is guilty, not of homicide, but of Aneta and Nikoleta's murders."

It is alleged that June 1's afternoon walked from his lodgings to his old family home.

Neighbors reportedly heard frightened house cries.

'Screaming terror'

"It wasn't kids playing sound, it was kids screaming in terror," Haggan said.

"Several people investigated. When they gazed into the garden through a wire mesh fence, they faced a terrifying spectacle.

"We saw the defendant use a knife to strike Aneta and Nikoleta along the side of the house.

"He stabbed them, cut their throats, using multiple acts.

"Aneta's and Nikoleta's injuries were catastrophic.

"If paramedics had arrived sooner, it wouldn't have changed."

Workers chased and tracked Zdun, allegedly finding a knife, money, and passport.

Zdun's trial will last two weeks.

His two other children with Aneta now live with Poland's relatives.