Looting after dodgers win, Downtown LA Foot Locker, Multiple Arrests

Downtown LA Foot Locker, Numerous Arrests during Dodgers World Series Festivities

Among other downtown Los Angeles businesses, a Foot Locker was raided or vandalized after the Dodgers clinched their first World Series on Tuesday night in 32 years.
 Looting after dodgers win

Several restaurants in downtown and East L.A. Seeing their windows smashed, their doors sprayed with graffiti. Cell phone footage shows customers in a shop at 7th Street and South Broadway intersection. Looters break into a Verizon shop.

"I feel they just ripped away everything I've worked for, you know," said Shahim Mostadin, Broadway Smokehouse owner. "I 'm honestly speechless."

Mostadin said his shop lost up to $70,000 after being attacked by looters Tuesday night.

 Looting after dodgers win

"Winning dodgers, it should be fun," he said. "What's affecting other people's businesses? At least eight people were arrested on different charges, police told CBSLA early Wednesday morning.

Three police sustained minor injuries. "It effects the entire city, and I believe people don't realize that there's a whole city in downtown Los Angeles," said DTLA Neighborhood Council member Claudia Olivera.

People set off fireworks and smoke bombs in several neighbourhoods, then took to the streets, despite health authorities' alerts not to assemble in big numbers due to coronavirus concerns.

 Looting after dodgers win

Several fires were set in mid-intersections. People hopped into trucks and motorcycles, blocking intersection and donuts.

LAPD declared an illegal assembly after midnight when it split the gathering. Police attempted to discourage behavior by making Dodgers broadcast legend Vin Scully give the fans a letter.

"And now, together, let's celebrate the right way, in honor of our city and in honor of the Dodgers," Scully said in the video shared on social media accounts of Dodgers.

 Looting after dodgers win

Injuries were not confirmed.

"People just don't know how to rejoice, they just pick, it's sad," said construction worker Conner Sims.

"Next time let's not kill local shops," L.A. downtown.

Jamiel Perry's resident said. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said 10 people were arrested for failure to obey a dispersal order in East Los Angeles.

The scenario was reminiscent of the riots that followed the Lakers championship win just over two weeks ago when more than 75 people were involved in downtown looting and vandalism near Staples Center.

During the violence, police shot many civilians with less-lethal bullets.