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Liqiaoming pla china coup rumors, General Li Qiaoming political views

General Li Qiaoming is the China coup rumors on social media

On Saturday, there were rumors on social media that Chinese President Xi Jinping was being held at home and that China was in the middle of a military coup. Neither of these claims could be proven.

One of the rumors that can't be proven is that Li Qiaoming, a general in China's People's Liberation Army (PLA), has replaced Xi.

Liqiaoming pla china coup rumors, General Li Qiaoming political views
Above, on September 15, you can see President Xi Jinping of China. On Saturday, there were rumors on social media that Jinping was under house arrest and that a general named Li Qiaoming had taken over his job.

OdishaTV, an Indian TV station, says that Li was born in 1961 and was given the highest rank in the PLA, that of a general, in 2019. Li is also a member of the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Nikkei Asia, a news organization, says that Li was thought to be a possible member of China's Central Military Commission, which is a group that makes military decisions. Several of the seven members are likely to leave the group next month.

Nikkei Asia said that Li wrote an article that Xi liked. Xi has wanted to give the communist party more control over the army, so this article made sense to him.

According to the source, Li's article said, "The Soviet Union fell apart because the party didn't have its own army."

Indian Twitter accounts seem to have given the rumors about the Chinese president a lot of attention.

The rumor that Xi had been fired was fueled by a tweet from an Indian politician on Saturday: "When Xi was in Samarkand, the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party were supposed to take away his position as head of the Party's army. Then he was put under house arrest. So says the story."

Last week, Xi went to the summit of the leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, and met with Vladimir Putin.

In his opening remarks, Putin wished Xi luck at the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party next month. CCP members are expected to give Xi a third term as leader, which has never happened before. Usually, a new leader takes over after two terms, so this would be a first.

Gordon Chang, an expert on China and the author of the book The Coming Collapse of China, tweeted on Saturday that "the lack of news from #China in the last few hours suggests that coup rumors are false, but whatever happened inside the #Chinese military in the last three days—it seems like something unusual happened—tells us that there is turbulence inside the senior #CCP leadership."

"Unexpected things started happening in #China right after #XiJinping got back from #Uzbekistan and went missing for a few days, which was unusual for him. In elite CCP politics, things rarely happen by chance, "He then added more.

Chang told Newsmax on Saturday that there have been "unusual" and "abnormal" things happening in China in the last few days, such as the country's decision on Wednesday to cancel 60% of its flights and stop bus and high-speed rail travel in and out of Beijing.

He also said that a video that has been widely shared on Twitter is said to show a line of military vehicles up to 80 kilometers long heading toward Beijing. This is happening at the same time that there are rumors of a military coup.

"There is a fire somewhere because there is a lot of smoke. We don't think there's been a real coup, but there have been some very worrying things happening at the top of the Communist Party and the People's Liberation Army, which reports to the party, so something is very wrong "Chang said.


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