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Reports say that Leonardo DiCaprio, who is 47, and Camila Morrone, who is [take a guess], have broken up.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone reportedly broke up less than three months after the model turned 25. This is a strange way that real life is like memes.

If the reports from People and E! News are true, Morrone is the fourth woman to break up with DiCaprio after she turned 25. This is because the Oscar winner's age keeps going up like water on the Titanic. This handy chart made and recently updated by Reddit user TrustLittleBrother shows that DiCaprio, who is 47, has never publicly dated anyone older than 25.

The Times asked DiCaprio and Morrone's representatives for comments on Wednesday, but they did not respond right away.

People's ideas about the "Don't Look Up" star were confirmed by the fact that he had broken up with model Bar Refaeli, actor Kelly Rohrbach, and model Nina Agdal before any of them turned 26.

To be fair, it's not clear in each case who broke up with whom.

DiCaprio usually dates women between the ages of 20 and 25, which makes some people freak out at the thought that his next girlfriend might have been born in the 2000s.

"Leonardo DiCaprio breaking up with his girlfriend by age 25 is the most predictable thing on the planet," @zedonarrival wrote in a tweet. "The numbers are staggering."

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio began dating model Camila Morrone in 2018.
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio began dating model Camila Morrone in 2018.

"3 things are for sure in life," @erinbrockobic wrote in a tweet. "Death, taxes, and leonardo dicaprio breaking up with his girlfriend before her pre-frontal cortex is fully developed."

Some joked about trying to defend the "Great Gatsby" actor for being accused of being ageist by coming up with good reasons why the environmental activist seems to refuse to date women over a certain age.

"Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio feels bad for all the women who can't rent a car until they're 25 and is actually a really good guy," tweeted @sallydarr. "did that ever cross your mind?"

@sarahclazarus tweeted, "Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio hated 9/11 so much that he can't even date women who remember it." "did that even cross your mind?"

But some people agreed with Morrone, like anyone who has ever been older than what DiCaprio thought was the age limit for dating.

"Would everyone stop bothering Leonardo DiCaprio's ex-girlfriend?" @TheMovieMermaid tweeted. "She has enough to worry about, since she will soon no longer be covered by her parents' health insurance."

"I hope all of Leo DiCaprio's ex-girlfriends become friends, start a book club, and steal something from his mansion," @karencheee wrote on Twitter.

Since they first showed up in public together in 2018, DiCaprio and Morrone have kept their relationship pretty quiet over the past four and a half years. Also on the rise, Morrone will soon star in the Amazon Prime limited series "Daisy Jones & the Six," while DiCaprio will next be seen in "Killers of the Flower Moon," a period drama by Martin Scorsese.

In an interview with The Times in 2019, Morrone was honest about the almost 25-year age difference between her and DiCaprio. She also talked about how frustrated she was that the media was more interested in her dating life than her work.

She said, "There are so many couples in Hollywood and in the history of the world with big age gaps." "I just think that everyone should be able to date whoever they want." I think you should always have a name other than the person you're with. I understand the connection, but I'm sure that won't be talked about as much in the future.

Read more reactions to the news that DiCaprio and Morrone broke up below.


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