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Kyle Chrisley and Angela Victoria Johnson, ex wife kids family and net worth


Kyle Chrisley, a 28-year-old reality show star and the eldest son of Todd and Julie Chrisley, has a child with his former girlfriend, Angela Victoria Johnson. Kyle, who is widely admired by the viewers of ‘Chrisley Knows Best,’ was sent to Samoa by his parents for Red Cross training when he was young. Let's take a closer look at Angela and their daughter.

Angela Victoria Johnson, who was born on August 28, 1991, in Iva, South Carolina, is a nurse and an African-American woman. As a nurse, she possesses a unique Virgo trait of self-control, which is essential to her profession. Although the beginning of Angela and Kyle's relationship remains unclear, they dated for a while and even lived together.

Unfortunately, Angela's life has been tumultuous due to Kyle's substance addiction and manic-depressive behavior. After an alleged case of domestic violence where Kyle choked her while she was pregnant, Angela and her daughter left Kyle. Even worse, Angela claimed that Kyle once held a knife to her while she was holding their child.

Kyle's parents intervened and sent him to rehab and later to do charity work in Asia. Despite the upheaval in their lives, Angela and Kyle have a daughter together.

Angela Victoria Johnson faced legal trouble on October 7th, 2013, when she was served with a lawsuit for denying the Chrisley family access to Chloe, her daughter with Kyle Chrisley. The suit was settled with a custody arrangement between Johnson and Chrisley, which required him to pay child support. However, due to Chrisley's subsequent incarceration, his parents had to assume some parental responsibilities for Chloe.

Johnson's troubles compounded in 2016 when she was accused of defrauding Medicaid and food stamps in Anderson County, South Carolina. She allegedly falsified an application to claim Chloe as a dependent, leading to Todd Chrisley being awarded full custody of his granddaughter.

Before her legal troubles, Johnson was active on Twitter, sharing pictures of Chloe and describing her love for her daughter in her bio. However, she hasn't posted any new content since 2016. Despite the allegations, she was regarded as a good mother, as evidenced by her social media activity.


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