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KSI fight knockout Swarmz and Luis Pineda crackedstreams, reddit boxing crack streams

KSI knocks out two opponents who were better than him in the same night, but he says he needs more time before he fights Jake Paul.

KSI kept his promise to fight twice in the same night by knocking out both of his opponents on his first night back in the ring.

The YouTube star had fought Logan Paul twice in a row before. He beat Swarmz quickly and then did almost the same thing to 2-5 professional boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda in the main event of the KSI: London, England's "2 Fights, 1 Night" card.

"Ladies and gentlemen, don't you find this funny?" At the 02 Arena, KSI yelled to a room full of people. Two knockouts in one night. I said the right things and did the right things."

KSI fight knockout Swarmz and Luis Pineda crackedstreams, reddit boxing crack streams

After his win, KSI called out several possible opponents for future fights. He hopes to fight again in January.

KSI said about another fighter on the same card, "Slim Albaher looks good, I want a piece of that." "I want the winner of Austin McBroom vs. AnEson Gib. I want some of that, Andrew Tate. I want some of that, Tommy Fury. I'm ready and looking forward to it. I'm safe from harm."

The only name that wasn't there was Jake Paul, who had tried to fight KSI after his original opponent got hurt and had to drop out.

It turned out that wasn't a mistake, since KSI said he needed more time and experience before going up against Paul.

"Legit, I have to go through so many people before I get to Jake," KSI said. "Jake is certainly the main goal, but he'll be here soon. "I'm just doing my job and making my rounds."

The main event of the night was supposed to be KSI fighting a professional boxer. His goal was to show up Paul, who hadn't fought anyone with boxing experience before. Pineda got in because he had fought seven times as a pro, but he didn't really do much in the ring.

KSI knocked Pineda down several times before he finally put him down with a punch 50 seconds into the third round to win. It was his second knockout of the night. He had already done the same thing to Swarmz, who took the fight even though he had never fought before and only had two weeks to train.

After KSI came out trying to finish the fight, Pineda was knocked down by several hard shots to the body and an overhand right. Pineda said right away that the punch that knocked him down hit him in the back of the head.

KSI then hit Pineda with another hard punch that knocked him down, but the Mexican-born fighter kept complaining to the referee that he was getting hit in the back of the head. Replays showed that the punch that hit him was to the side of the head, but Pineda was still not happy with how the fight was going.

The first round was more of the same. Pineda kept pointing to the back of his head to try to get the referee to stop the fight, but the fight kept going.

When the second round started, KSI hit Pineda with another overhand right that hit the top of the head and knocked him out. It looked like that was the start of the end. Pineda kept moving to get away from KSI. He was knocked down again, but this time he was allowed to keep going.

KSI kept attacking Pineda until he fell to the ground again, at which point the referee stopped the fight before any more damage could be done.

KSI did the same thing to Swarmz earlier in the night. Swarmz looked like he didn't belong when he put on his gloves, and he only threw a few haymakers to try and pull off the huge upset.

From the beginning, it was clear that Swarmz didn't know what he was doing in the ring because he kept circling away from KSI and even turned around and ran at times during the first round. After finally getting Swarmz against the ropes and throwing a barrage of punches, KSI was able to knock him out early in the fight.

KSI landed a few hard punches on Swarmz during the fight, but he also spent a lot of time chasing the British hip-hop artist around the ring as he tried to trade with him.

Mercifully, KSI ended the fight by giving Swarmz a left uppercut that knocked him out and sent him to the floor. Even though it looked like Swarmz could keep going, he stayed on the ground until the referee stopped the fight 28 seconds into the second round.

Now that KSI has had four fights, he plans to stay even busier in 2023. However, it's still not clear if he'll ever set up the fight with Paul.


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