Kristopher Rollins dmps suicide death after ex-wife Emily Lang leave

Prior to his death, DMPS teacher was described as a predator and groomer

Kristopher Rollins
Kristopher Rollins

Favorite Des Moines school teacher's supporters allege he was associated with a minor school student before his death on Friday.

As a result of his ex-wife, Des Moines Public Schools teacher Emily Lang's placement on administrative leave, Kristopher Rollins committed suicide one day later.

As a result, long-time Rollins followers are now calling him out as a "predator and groomer" who had an affair with

We were informed that Kristopher was associated with RunDSM alumni and DMPS alumni," the post reads in part. When this pupil was a minor, this romance began."

As it continues: "After the predatory actions of our co-founders, we see the need for radical changes in this arena."

To help marginalized children enhance their cultural education, Rollins and Lang founded Run-DSM.

On the morning of Rollins's death, both of them were placed

Schools in Des Moines, Iowa, said they couldn't comment on the claims since they're still being investigated, but the Des Moines Police Department

Although Des Moines Police Sgt. Paul Parizek acknowledges that some stories have been circulating, the school district has information that has compelled them to take administrative action. They haven't told us about it, therefore we can't do anything about it."

According to a statement from Des Moines Public Schools, "This is still a personnel situation and we cannot discuss specifics of the claims while we investigate the matter." During this time, we'll also be providing counseling and assistance to their students and co-work

As part of its investigation, KCCI reached out to members of RunDSM who were behind As of right now the group has stated that they are not ready to

Kristopher Rollins