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KiwiFarms Clara Keffals Sorrenti against doxxing website, Twitch and YouTube video

Streamer puts together a campaign to stop a hate site.

Transgender activist and streamer whose home was attacked by internet trolls has started an official campaign to shut down a hate website.

Clara "Keffals" Sorrenti, a streamer on Twitch and YouTube and an activist, has started a campaign against a "doxxing" website. This is because she was targeted on the site and had to go into hiding and was even arrested.

The campaign against Sorrenti started on "KiwiFarms," a website devoted to doxxing and harassing internet celebrities, especially LGBTQ+ people.

Doxxing is Internet slang for putting someone's personal information, like their home address or phone number, on a website where anyone can see it (often for harassment purposes).

KiwiFarms Clara Keffals Sorrenti  against doxxing website, Twitch and YouTube video
Clara Keffals Sorrenti

Since a sick fake email sent to police led a SWAT team to break into her home and arrest her, Sorrenti has been in hiding, moving from Airbnb to Airbnb without telling anyone where she is.

She moved to a hotel in her city, but KiwiFarms was able to find her after she posted a picture of her hotel room. They did this by looking at the sheets on her hotel bed. The hate site then ordered pizzas and had them brought to Sorrenti using her "deadname," which is the name she was given at birth instead of the name she now goes by.

Sorrenti said on Twitter that she had started a new website and campaign called "#DropKiwifarms." The goal of the "#DropKiwifarms" website and campaign is to get Cloudflare to drop KiwiFarms and its owner Joshua Moon from the service. Cloudflare has in the past ignored all requests to take KiwiFarms down, even after a non-binary programmer killed themselves after being harassed over and over again.

Sorrenti's DropKiwifarms asks people to help by contacting Cloudflare or making a donation to help pay for legal fees. Also, on October 18, there will be a protest outside the Cloudflare Connect conference in San Francisco. Sorrenti says she has been in touch with several activist groups about this. She asks Cloudflare on the site to drop KiwiFarms before then to avoid a "PR disaster."

There is a precedent for the hosting platform to take down the hate site. In the past, Cloudflare has taken down websites like The Daily Stormer and 8chan that were known for extremist and hateful behavior. Like KiwiFarms, these websites had racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBTQ+ content.

The Keffals subreddit is used to keep track of people who want to contribute or get involved in other ways.

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