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Kevin Clevenger aka IronSanctuary onlyfans leaked, tiktok only fans reddit

Kevin's biography

In 2011, Kevin Clevenger, alias @IronSanctuary, completed his education at the University of Washington and graduated from high school. During his adolescence, he was heavily dependent on drugs and alcohol. It took him a long time to get clean, and he lost friends and family along the way.

Regaining control of their lives once again, they found employment in the building trades and began working out regularly, regaining their passion of weightlifting. His wife and he met on Tinder after establishing his new lifestyle and becoming clean a few years later. They dated for a while before getting married. Then, he founded his own construction company and ran it for several years before turning his full attention to social media.

Kevin Clevenger aka IronSanctuary onlyfans leaked, tiktok only fans reddit
Kevin Clevenger aka IronSanctuary

When he started creating videos in November of 2019, he became one of the founding members of Now, he enjoys making and creating content, which includes DIY projects, workouts and family-related content. A full-time content developer and full-time dad to his kid, he's now a full-time stay-at-home dad.

Kevin Clevenger aka IronSanctuary
Kevin Clevenger aka IronSanctuary
In response to a female comment about his appearance, bodybuilder TikTok believes that there is a double standard at play.

According to a now-viral TikTok, Kevin Clevenger lashes out at an unfollower who commented on his body in an after-and-before video.

For example, Clevenger (@ironsanctuary) posted a TikTok video showing him standing before a mirror looking one way (the standard dad bod) and then switching to a video where his body is much more muscular.

This is the ideal illustration of female gaze versus male gaze for me," says a woman (@healthyalternativemom) in her own video. What the female considers attractive is technically in the first photo.

Six million people follow Clevenger on social media. He takes a break from the video and shoots himself talking about her reaction to his before and after shots. We should keep our thoughts to ourselves, he argues, and this is an excellent example of that. Was it possible that this was not done to make you or anyone else think I was more attractive?

I like the way I look and I'm training for bodybuilding competitions," he says. "You think I care about what other ladies think about my body?" he asks incredulously.

Kevin Clevenger aka IronSanctuary
Kevin Clevenger aka IronSanctuary

To him, making the same comment about a woman's body would be misogynistic.

Maybe we should stop using other people's bodies as an example to say this is what's appealing and this is what's not," he says in the video. It's time to "get better."

She shows Clevenger's before and after in her original video, which has been made private as of Friday morning.

Do not misunderstand, that gentleman looks beautiful on all sides, right? You know, no offense meant, but he looks like a chef's kiss. " What the female finds attractive, though, is in the first picture: a man who appears like he could provide for you and isn't only interested in himself."

5.8 million people have viewed and liked Clevenger's quilt video, which was posted on July 2. According to meme lingo, 98% of Reddit users voted that Clevenger passed the test of acceptable masculinity by voting "Chad" rather than "cringe".

Kevin Clevenger aka IronSanctuary
Kevin Clevenger aka IronSanctuary

On TikTok, however, people's reactions to Clevenger's video were divided. A few people allied with him, while others backed with his opponent.

This is all about YOU and you did an AMAZING job! That person should go elsewhere," @fleckerfitness wrote.

Are you the only one who believes she wasn't trying to be disrespectful? If you watch the whole video, it appears that she was attempting to explain something," commented @lea901992.

Other users commented in support of Alternative Healthy Mom's TikTok post. You may only comment on the video if you have 8,631 followers.

Best of TikTok: Iron Sanctuary

These people are idiots for taking this out of context. As @dyeinglightcreations pointed out, "so many people hop on board with him without even seeing your stitched film".

His anger at being ridiculed led him to use me as an excuse. As the creator pointed out, it was "out of line" for a good man to make a movie to defend him.

Her remark reads: "Genuinely sorry he misunderstood this... It was a travesty of justice... There's nothing to do with you, Mr.