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'Southern Charm': Why Leva Bonaparte confronted Kathryn Dennis after being accused of racism.

Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis will have her work cut out for her on the upcoming third season. After a heated discussion with a Black radio DJ, the Bravo star was accused of racism. This season, newcomer Leva Bonaparte will confront Dennis about the situation. Bonaparte reveals why she had to criticize her co-star in advance of season 7 in this clip.

What had Kathryn Dennis been up to all this time?

Nail salon owner Katie Shields said in May that she was organizing a "Trump Boat Parade" on her Instagram Stories. Paulina Rodriguez, a small-business owner who sells her jewelry in the store, said she was cutting ties with Shields because he supported Trump.

The actress responded by asking her supporters to inform Rodriguez that supporting Trump did not make her a racist. After being harassed on social media, the victim turned to radio personality Mika Gadsden for assistance. Gadsden re-posted Dennis' Instagram Story in which she can be seen getting her nails done at Shields' salon. Dennis had tagged Rodriguez's jewelry account in the post, but he had hidden it from the general public.

the cast of southern charm
the cast of southern charm

When Gadsden singled out Dennis, things got really heated. Dennis used a monkey emoji in the conversation, which the former provided as a screenshot. The Southern Charm star later apologized for the backlash she received.

Dennis said, "I want to accept that using a monkey emoji in my text was disrespectful, and from the bottom of my heart, I deeply apologize to everyone and everyone I offended." The context was not my aim, yet there is no 'if and but' that excuses me. I didn't think about it, and it was and is incorrect. I know this about myself: I am not like that. "I am aware of the situation and am determined to make things right."

On the broadcast, Leva Bonaparte talks about the problem.

Bonaparte was the first person of color to join the cast of Southern Charm for Season 7. As the Black Lives Matter movement grew in popularity over the summer, Bonaparte realized she couldn't let Dennis get away with not addressing her concerns.

Bonaparte told the magazine: "It just had to be handled." To be honest, it was crucial since we were developing a bond at the time. Over the course of the year, I had a few minor grudges against her, but I always extended mercy to her. 'Enough is enough, and I have to tell you how I feel about what you've decided to write, say, do,' I thought to myself at that time.

Leva Bonaparte on Talking to Kathryn Dennis About Race as First Woman of Color on 'Southern Charm'

Dennis didn't come from a bad place, according to the new Bravo star. Bonaparte admitted that her argument with her co-star was an attempt to be a friend.

"Even though I was extremely offended and incredibly hurt, I was still trying to be a friend and help her get through this type of horrific, tone-deaf comment," Bonaparte told E! News.

It's not the solution to tell someone they're a jerk because they done something extremely dumb and inexcusable, she continued. You should sit and talk about it if you can. I had the capacity to walk through it with her and tell her how I felt and tell her what I think she needs to reconcile, correct and learn and educate.

The two Southern Charm stars have not yet exchanged words on-camera. Season 7 airs at 9 p.m. ET on Thursdays on Bravo.


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