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Kate DeAraugo, former Australian Idol winner, speaks up about grim time and reveals new occupations.

As she won the 2005 season of Australian Idol, Kate DeAraugo became a household name.

Since releasing several solo songs and forming the girl group Young Divas, however, the singer dropped from favor in 2017 after pleaded guilty to getting ice, drug driving and firearms charges, when she was issued a 12-month community correction order.

Today, after she pulled out of the spotlight to reflect on her mental health and addiction war, the actress has opened up about how her life has "absolutely changed."

The 35-year old revealed in a recent interview on The Morning Show that she was now sober and considering a career in the construction industry.

In a recent interview on The Morning Show, Kate DeAraugo opened up about her "dark days"
In a recent interview on The Morning Show, Kate DeAraugo opened up about her "dark days"

"The good news is that I have been healing for almost three years now," she told Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies.

"Now that I'm out of the other end, it was a dark time but an amazing learning experience. "

In the last three years, my life has totally changed - it seems very different.

DeAraugo said that after she was arrested, she suffered with media attention, and "it would have been good for nobody to know my identity" when things "got really dark."

Nevertheless, she said she would not shy away from her previous mistakes.

DeAraugo said, "It is what it is and what has happened."

"I've been pretty off the radar for the past three years and just in my own word, and it's been a pretty personal period."

Shift in Profession

Larry and Kylie were told by the former recording star that she was now pursuing civil design, with the objective of working on "civil sites and major construction projects."

She explained, "I'm learning to run large machines and excavators and to build things and get my hands dirty."

DeAraugo said that after working in "traffic control for a bit" she found her "love" for design.

Divas of the Young

Her debut album, A Place I've Never Been, was released by DeAraugo in December 2005 after winning Australian Idol.

With the girl group Young Divas, Kate toured the country.
With the girl group Young Divas, Kate toured the country.

In 2006, along with other Australian idol finalists, Emily Williams, Ricki-Lee Coulter and Paulini Curuenavuli, she went on to join Young Divas.

She told Larry and Kylie that the "wild time" she spent in the girl group had "fond memories."

"It gave me the chance to travel the world and do great stuff at the end of the day, regardless of what everyone did, so it was an awesome experience for me personally. "

We were four very creative, very individual girls only trying to do our thing,' she added.

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