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Joy Behar tweet married husband, the view thanksgiving twitter

Joy Behar has been chastised for recommending that individuals 'come out' this Thanksgiving.

Joy Behar is drawing heat for saying on Wednesday's "The View" that closed LGBTQIA+ individuals should "come out" to their family this Thanksgiving.

"Everyone out there, this Thanksgiving, come out to your family," Behar added. "Simply come out!"

"Wait and see!" she said, as a perplexed Whoopi Goldberg inquired, "Come out... the door?"

However, several online users took issue with Behar's holiday planning: "@JoyVBehar, please refrain from pressing folks to come out if they are not ready," one Twitter user commented.

Meanwhile, another participant stated that pressuring LGBTQIA+ folks to come out before they are ready is "very hazardous."

"Many of our community members risk genuine danger if they come out to their families," they tweeted.

"If you haven't been in this circumstance, please refrain from advising us."

Another viewer pleaded with viewers to disregard Behar's recommendation. "LGBTees, please disregard Joy Behar and do not come out to your family today if you are not ready or feel safe doing so," they said.

Another Behar critic chastised the comedian and television personality for what appeared to be a careless comment.

"As an older, wealthy, entitled white woman, do you want people to come out today 'just because'?" they tweeted. "It demonstrates how disconnected you are. Really.”

Another individual reminded Behar that LGBTQIA+ youth often face negative consequences for speaking their truth to family members.

Joy Behar tweet married husband, the view thanksgiving twitter
Joy Behar

"Hey Joy, @JoyVBehar I have a transgender kid and am extremely happy of him, but most parents are not like me; some may resort to violence simply because their child is [LGBTQIA+]; so, please do not urge people to come out just to see what happens; it might be disastrous," they added.

Despite her contentious Thanksgiving advice, Behar has always been a vocal champion for LGBTQIA+ individuals. In 2010, she was honored by GLAAD with the Excellence in Media award for her "fair and accurate" coverage of the LGBT community on her now-defunct CNN programme, "The Joy Behar Show."


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