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Josiane Comeau la voix 2020 wins, lonely noah cyrus lyrics


After the four finalists' success, the Mels studio was partying time. In contrast, Quebec 's former candidates and veterans took the stage in a laudable and, we're all, very successful distancing attempt.

The finalists and other candidates surrounded Paul Piché to open the party with two songs. New star Tyler Shaw followed. For the song Recall, captured with Lili-Ann de Francesco, the candidates went there in French verses.

Ariane Moffatt and her collective SOMMM increased the pace, while 2Frères came this evening to bring some folk.

Lastly, before understanding the results of the popular vote, Sydney (winner of The Junior Voice), Dominique Fils-Aimé, Matt Holubowski, Matt Lang – who set the stage on fire-, Ludovick Bourgeois, David Laflèche (musical director of The Voice) and last year's winner, Geneviève Jodoin, brought the race to an end, at least for the coming years.

Josiane Comeau la voix 2020 wins, lonely noah cyrus lyrics

Josiane Comeau, fresh "La Voix"

Josiane Comeau 's new voice queen. At 19, Coeur de pirate's protege took top honors at TVA 's Sunday end of the eighth season finale due to her dramatic portrayal of Lonely by Noah Cyrus.

A generous 59 percent was awarded to the native of Dieppe, New Brunswick, who shone brilliantly in a short black skirt. She received an album deal with Musicor and $50,000.

Her rivals, Suzie Villeneuve (Garou Team), Michaela Cahill (Marc Dupré Team) and Flora Stein (Pierre Lapointe Team) respectively grabbed 19%, 17% and 5% during the general vote.

"It's mad! I find everybody deserves to succeed, I love you so much, and I'm so proud to witness this (...). Thanks to you all, thanks to all who voted, launched the winner between two large sobs as her name resonated in MELS studio.

"I'm so proud of you, no idea (...). You've been a shooting star and you'll keep rising, "added his mentor, Cœur de pirate, clearly overjoyed.

Jacques Comeau, Josiane 's dad, who had lived The Voice in 2019 and reached the semi-final under Eric Lapointe's good treatment, stamped his feet before his daughter's victory on Sunday. Hopping on his mattress.

Nice revenge for Ariana Grande's young lady, who missed blind auditions when she tried her luck with her boyfriend. This year, Coeur de pirate's chair swung to Louane 's sound for her at the start of the season.

Suzie 's second chance

It was possibly symbolic for Suzie Villeneuve, who deserted Star Academy in 2003, to recreate The businessman's blues, according to Nicole Croisille 's version (with a text in "you") from Claude Lelouch 's film Itinerary of a spoiled boy.

After her performance, Garou was moved by thanking his longtime friend. He blasphemed his red chair. "We're delighted you're singing, hos ...! "He shrieked. You're one of the best voices I've heard in my life. No wonder Suzie hit The Voice's final; his run on the show was seamless after Céline Dion 's blind hearing on I Surrender, for whom she had been a chorister during Quebec's 400th anniversary celebrations.

"I didn't have hopes," Suzie said.

I didn't know where this path would lead. That was a very personal, grandiose move for me. What a happiness, a wonderful feeling! Michaela's glasses Graceful Michaela Cahill, 26, gave her best, tackling John Lennon 's massive Imagine.

The ex-Beatle celebrated his 80th birthday on October 9.

"I recognize you because I've always been a warrior. The result was magnificent, you worked hard, "Marc Dupré said after his result.

Mika's young mother, 7 (who she had at 18) and Avery, 4, from Fort-Coulonge, Outaouais, faced many obstacles after her blind audition, where she performed Never Break Us Away from INXS. She played well in the Chants de Bataille (with The Joke, by Brandi Carlile) and endangered herself last week by singing in French (Against each other, from the rock opera Starmania), whose mother tongue is English.

"I'm so proud of Josiane, smiling, enthusiastic Michaela after the performance. I remembered something every minute.

We improved, cared about each other! Flora-Mireille Mathieu Small (discreet) train goes a long way, we might tell about Gatineau's Flora Stein, 25, who traveled with Pierre Lapointe during his voice experience. On Sunday, Mireille Mathieu stood out with Our Memories.

The nominee produced few waves after Jazmine Sullivan's blind hearing (on Masterpiece).

Born to a Quebec mother and a Mexican father, Flora won the grand prize on show A family similarity with her parents in 2013. Flora, who works as a horticulturalist at the Botanical Garden, studied musical theatre in Sainte-Thérèse.

Referring to his professional background, Pierre Lapointe praised him after his final lap. "I can't wait for the theaters to reopen, for musical auditions, and for you to go (...).

I can't wait to hear again. (...) I'm very moved to see you tonight, "he warmly congratulated her.

"I'm so glad Josiane won," Flora said in an interview. She's been my favorite since season start. I cried so happily for her!

We had so much fun, the four together, and I'm overcome with happiness with production! It's just good bye Filled, this "longest season in voice history," Joked Charles Lafortune at the opener, allowed us to enjoy acts including, among others, Half Moon Run, Paul Piché, 2Frères, Tyler Shaw and Ariane Moffatt. Several contestants from past editions of the competition, who are now seated at the top of the charts – from Ludovick Bourgeois to Geneviève Jodoin, through the young rapper Sydney Lallier – were also part of the crowd, as it should be without a room audience. At the end of the evening, Charles Lafortune sent a sentient farewell to the viewers, the voice bowing briefly on TVA to the Star Academy next winter.

Josiane Comeau la voix 2020 wins, lonely noah cyrus lyrics

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