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John Hilgert astroworld astroworld victims, houston memorial high school

The 14-year-old who was murdered at Astroworld Fest was an athlete and an honor student.

John Hilgert contacted a classmate on Friday morning, advising him to arrive early to NRG for the Astroworld Festival.

The 14-year-old Memorial High School student desired a prime location from which to observe the performances, listen to music, and soak up the event. Hilgert and 15-year-old classmate Robby Hendrix grew up in the Memorial area and played youth football together.

They attended the concert separately, accompanied by other friends. Hendrix returned to his hometown. Hilgert, on the other hand, did not. He was one of eight people killed when the 50,000-strong sold-out audience erupted during Travis Scott's performance.

John Hilgert astroworld astroworld victims, houston memorial high school
A tribute for those who killed the night before at the Astroworld music festival, pictured Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021, at Houston's NRG Park.

"Every aspect of that evening was tragic," said Tracy Faulkner, Hendrix's mother, who has known Hilgert since he was a child. "John was an excellent student and athlete, as well as a gentleman. He was the most charming and intelligent young man."

Hilgert, who stood six feet tall, also played baseball for an excellent squad.

"They were both in the same location at the same moment, and one returned home, while the other we will never see," Faulkner explained.

Memorial High School delivered a message to parents regarding Hilgert's death on Saturday. Counselors will be on hand at school the following week.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the student's family, his friends, and the Memorial staff," principal Lisa Weir wrote. "This is a heartbreaking loss, and the entire MHS community is in mourning today."

For her son's birthday, Faulkner purchased tickets to the show. "I justified myself by comparing it to a large rodeo. However, as a parent, I often wonder, 'What was I thinking?'"


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