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Joe Judge postgame press conference today, hot seat fired twitter

Joe Judge says he will not resign following the Giants' second consecutive 1-5 start, recognizing that no team will feel sorry for them.

Joe Judge has been the head coach of the New York Giants for two seasons, going 1-5 in both. Last season, the Giants recovered from a 1-5 start to finish 6-10, but this year seems different.

New York is once again one of the NFL's worst teams, with a defense that is as terrible as its offense. The Giants are 27th in terms of points scored and 29th in terms of points allowed, as part of a defense that ranks 22nd in terms of throw yards allowed and 29th in terms of rush yards allowed.

Joe Judge postgame press conference today, hot seat fired twitter
Joe Judge

The Giants fell to the Los Angeles Rams 38-11, dropping them to 1-5 for the second consecutive season, and Judge finished his career with a 7-15 record. Judge's suitability as a head coach is only one of several issues plaguing the Giants organization. Regardless, he intends to maintain his current course in the expectation that things would improve, as they did last year.

"There is still a lot of ball to be played," Judge stated following the defeat. "We're in Week 6, so I'm not sure what type of mentality other people have; I don't quit things, and these players don't quit things. We're not going to do that, so anyone with a 'woe is me' mentality, what did you expect would happen? " " It's the National Football League, which means that teams are competitive. Our incentive is to develop and perform better for the man directly across from us. I notice no change in the way our men prepare. They report to work – I tell you this all the time – they attend meetings, they rehearse, and they compete fiercely. I'm only stating that we do not have a room full of men staring about and wondering. We do not have a room brimming with guys awaiting next year. We don't have a room crammed with males waiting for someone to appear and save us. The only persons in that room who can have an impact and change what we're doing are the coaches and players."

Judge is depending on his hardworking crew reversing its fortunes and following the example he has set by refusing to quit. How much longer will the Giants buy in knowing the same thing happened last year?

New York does not have the most straightforward schedule coming up. The Giants' next four games are against the Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs, Las Vegas Raiders, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers – a potential 1-9 start looming large in front of them.

Judge has not yet lost the team.

"We're returning and getting back to work. We've got some things to work on "The judge stated. "We are not going to lick our wounds in this house. There is still a lot more ball to be played. Each week, our objective is to go 1-0. Our objective is to improve as a team during the season. That goal doesn't alter. \s" You speak of the broad picture — the big picture is the next week's little picture. The overall picture is how we approach the coming week, how we practice, how we progress, how we prepare, and how we perform. That is where our attention must be focused seven days from now. We have seven days to prepare for another quality opponent coming into town, and that is where our attention must be."


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