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Jim Carrey kissing alicia silverstone youtube, kisses sexual assault

Jim Carrey was slammed by fans when a video of him "sexually assaulting" Alicia Silverstone came back out.

Alicia Silverstone was sexually assaulted by Jim Carrey at the 1997 MTV Movie Awards, and now the video has surfaced online. Carrey has been slammed by fans for this.

When Alicia Silverstone was 19, Jim Carrey is said to have "sexually assaulted" her in an old video that has been found online.

During the 1997 MTV Movie Awards, the 60-year-old made a big show of kissing an actress, who was only 14 at the time.

Actress: She did not say anything at the time because she knew Jim's kiss was just a joke.

People saw Jim's actions after he tried to help Will Smith and Chris Rock fight at the Oscars on Sunday night, when Will Smith hit Chris in the face.

It can be seen in the video that Jim, who was 35 at the time, walks up to the stage to accept the award from Alicia, who had given it to him.

As he grabbed her face with both hands and kissed her lips, the actor looked like he was making fun of her.

Social media users went after Jim Carrey, calling him a hypocrite, for his strong take on Will Smith's slap to Chris Rock after video resurfaced of his own bad behavior at the MTV Movie Awards 25 years ago.

After he kissed her, Alicia moved to the side and looked very shaken.

Jim tried to make fun of Will after he won the MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Kiss at the same awards show later.

Over on Twitter, people called Jim a "hypocrite" and "scum" after Will's slap caused outrage because Jim himself had "sexually assaulted" someone, people said.

Jim Carrey should be jailed for sexually assaulting a teenager on stage at the 1997 MTV Awards and then trying to sexually assault Will Smith at the same awards show, one person said.

This is a good example of how Jim Carrey sexually assaulted Alicia Silverstone by forcing her to kiss him on national TV and it had no effect on his career at all.

Third: "He kissed Alicia Silverstone and also tried to do the same thing with Will Smith. That's what he said."

In any case, what Jim Carrey did was ASSAULT, no matter how old he was or how many years there were between him and anyone else. People don't like him, and he has no right to force himself on them.

Others, on the other hand, defended Jim's actions.

Because he was wrong then, doesn't mean he isn't right now? So how hard is it to understand? Years ago, Jim Carey did something that was wrong. And what Will did a few days ago was also wrong.


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