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Jenn Sterger ny post Instagram, call out Adam Schefter reporting Brett Favre scandal

Jenn Sterger distances herself from 'bully' Adam Schefter following the email issue.

Jennifer Sterger, a former Jets host, joined the increasing chorus of critics of ESPN NFL analyst Adam Schefter on Thursday.

Sterger referred to the 2010 Brett Favre issue, in which she was accused of receiving indecent images from the then-Jets quarterback, and cited Schefter's reporting on the incident.

"Another journalist falsely reported in 2010 that I had 'agreed to participate with the NFL inquiry' in an attempt to coerce and bully me," Sterger tweeted. "To which I replied in private messages, 'it is false and some sloppy bulls–t reporting.'"

Schefter has come under fire this week after the Los Angeles Times reported that he sent a complete draft of an article regarding the 2011 NFL lockout to former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen through email.

On Wednesday, he issued a statement via ESPN defending his journalistic integrity, which Sterger appeared to call into doubt — though she did not include the reporter's last name in her tweet.

"His next report update: 'Ms. Sterger states that this is false,'" she added in a second tweet. "Me once more: 'No, no.. Adam, please quote me next time.'"

Schefter did write on the Sterger-Favre saga in a 2010 ESPN story, quoting Sterger's attorney as claiming that his client was anticipated to meet with the NFL regarding the inquiry at the time.

"There are journalists and pawns... understand the difference while consuming any form of media," Sterger, who is now a podcast host and comedian, wrote. "There are some people out there performing honest work, and others who are simply out to do other people's bidding."

Jen Sterger appeared to criticize Adam Schefter's 2010 Brett Favre scandal reporting.
Jen Sterger appeared to criticize Adam Schefter's 2010 Brett Favre scandal reporting.

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