Jason sudeikis golden globes award acceptance speech twitter

Twitter asks whether Jason Sudeikis was high when he was giving his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes.

With “Ted Lasso,” it was an emotional peak.

Jason Sudeikis, star and producer of the AppleTV+ breakthrough sitcom “Ted Lasso,” had no idea he would be nominated for a Golden Globe award in 2021.

And now his followers are all over Twitter complaining about whether or not he was drunk.

while everybody else was dressed for the red carpet, the 45-year-old former “SNL” performer talked while looking bleary-eyed and sporting a tie-dye sweatshirt at the podium to receive the award for best actor in a sitcom.

Jason sudeikis golden globes award
Jason sudeikis golden globes award

That's the craziest thing I've ever read. three occasions, it looked as if he was absolutely stunned by his triumph. (While we may remember that Sudeikis was video-conferencing with a five-hour time gap in England, where he is shooting the second season of “Ted Lasso,” we also have to find out that Sudeikis was five hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone of the U.S., where he is taping the latest season of “Ted Lasso.”)

After explaining that “the best” is whatever he's in a scene with at a given moment, he quoted a quote from his book Otis, the Three Questions, and ended by saying, “And I don't think you're the best actor,” so he explained that “the best” is whatever the context demands.

“It was an amazing voice. It was really ‘Ted Lasso.' The show stars Seth Sudeikis as an American football coach who has been appointed to a British football team, and he's been sent to the Premier League having no previous experience.” For every ounce of his being, Lasso tries to show to the doubters that he cares about their feelings.

However, his disheveled look and incoherent voice is sufficient for some social media users to suspect that he may have taken some sort of substance before his appearance.

Some people found that his outfit indicated the high-profile divorce of actor/model, Olivia Wilde, who is now dating One Direction member, Harry Styles.

Ted Lasso also earned a nomination for Best Comedy Film, but he lost to Schitt's Creek.

The first season is available on AppleTV+ at the moment, and the second season is currently in progress. It has already been renewed for Season 3.