Jason neo bourne henderson Nevada, a triple homicide shooting

A 12-year-old boy was shooting in Nevada, police say.

Tuesday's victims of a triple homicide at a Nevada apartment complex included a 12-year-old boy whom a gunman took hostage in a car, as well as two women, police claim.

The perpetrator, 38-year-old Jason Neo Bourne, also died in an incident where cops shot their guns as Bourne carried a gun in Henderson, just southeast of Las Vegas, police said Wednesday.

Bourne shot several vehicle rounds, Henderson police said, but various specifics are yet to be released publicly, including exactly how Bourne and the child died.

Police are on Tuesday's shooting scene in Henderson, Nevada.
Police are on Tuesday's shooting scene in Henderson, Nevada.

A 16-year-old girl was also shot and treated at a hospital, police said.

Police also said they suspect Bourne lived in a complicated building, above where the victims slept. However, a Catholic educational center in Utah said three victims had connections there, about 400 miles northeast.

Why police say the shoots occurred

Someone called police at the apartment complex around 11 a.m. Tuesday to confirm hearing gunshots and seeing someone down in an apartment doorway, police said.

Officers arrived and saw two women, 39 and 33, killed, and a 16-year-old girl hurt, both bullet wounds, police said.

Officers soon saw Bourne and the 12-year-old in a nearby vehicle, armed with a handgun and taking the boy hostage, police said.

"As officers tried a de-escalation conversation with the suspect, the suspect held his pistol to the youth's back , resulting in an officer-involved shooting," police said in a press statement.

Police said Bourne and the boy sustained injuries — but they didn't say how, or who hurt them. Investigators suspect Bourne "shot several shots inside the car," the press release police said.

Officers got the boy off the car and started life-saving efforts, but he and Bourne died on stage, police said.

Police didn't disclose the identities of the suspects, or what creed contributed to the killings.

The girl was taken to stable hospital, police said. No officers were injured, Henderson said.

Utah Catholic Center claims the victims included mother and two children

Although the victims were not identified by the authorities, a Catholic education center in Utah said one of the women was a substitute teacher there, and she was the two children's mother.

The slain woman was Diana Hawatmeh, Draper's Skaggs Catholic Center, Utah, said Wednesday in a letter to the center group.

According to the center, at least one of the kids — the boy, Joseph — was a middle school student on campus, which also includes a high school and elementary school about 20 miles south of Salt Lake City.

"We notify you of the death of Diana Hawatmeh and her son Joseph, a seventh grader at Saint John the Baptist Middle School," reads the text. "Tragically, in Henderson, Nevada, yesterday morning."

"(Her) daughter is in critical care at a Las Vegas hospital," reads the text.

Diana Hawatmeh was, according to the letter, a substitute teacher at the center's primary and middle schools.