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Jason Biggs: My only regret is turning down 'How I Met Your Mother'

He made a bonehead mistake by refusing an offer to play a lead character in an ultra-popular sitcom, Jason Biggs has revealed.

Children, this is the story of how Jason Biggs turned down How Your Mother Met Me.

By refusing the offer to play Ted Mosby in the ultra-popular sitcom, which ran from 2005 to 2014, the star, 42, has admitted he made a bonehead decision. The leading part was played by Josh Radnor instead.

The American Pie star confirmed, "I was offered the role, yes," while appearing on SiriusXM's The Covino & Rich Show.

Jason Biggs
Jason Biggs

The role was offered to me, and it's probably my greatest regret, you know, for passing by. I think I was in a process at the time-it sounds so, so gross to say right now-but at the time it was like,' Well, do I want to do TV? 'I do not know that I was very prepared for the road.

He noted that at the time he was still making movies and loved doing just "a few months on a gig" and taking time off.

"I passed it on and then, you know, very soon thereafter, two things happened," he quipped. "One, it blew up the show. We all know what the show was like. Two of them, and I was like, 'I want to do TV! ’”

Josh Radnor
Josh Radnor

Although he joked that it took him another four years to see him appear on a TV show, Orange Is the New Black, he explained: "I have no regrets, big picture." Huh? Right? I'm very fortunate, very lucky. Here I'm even.

Number one is that. Terrific. Wonderful. But yeah, I would have taken that gig for sure if I had to pick out something I wish I had done differently. Completely, absolutely.'

"When asked if he had ever had a hard time with his American Pie co-star Alyson Hannigan, who played Ted's friend Lily Aldrin on How I Meet Your Mother, he said: "We never really spoke about it. I don't know that, in truth, she knows.'