Japan death penalty video, yakuza boss Satoru Nomura sentenced

Yokozuna chief sentenced to death in Japan in shocking court ruling

In Japan, a powerful yakuza boss was condemned to death by hanging after being

The Asahi Shimbun stated that Satoru Nomura, 74, was found guilty of ordering four assaults, one of which was fatal.

There is a Kudo-kai gang in Fukuoka Prefecture called the Kudo-kai Gang led by Nomura.

Japan death penalty video, yakuza boss Satoru Nomura sentenced
Satoru Nomura, a yakuza boss in Japan's Kita-Kyushu area
Fumio Tanoue, 65, was Nomura's second-in-command.

Court found Nomura ordered the murder, and that the other violent occurrences were the consequence of a chain of command that Nomura presided over.

There is no concrete proof linking Nomura to the crimes, according to the Asahi Shimbun.

All of the perpetrators of the attacks have been sentenced to prison

This is the first time a Yakuza chief has been sentenced to death in Japan, according to local media reports at the time

Authorities claimed that the heavy sentences were justified because the attacks targeted civilians.

Judge Nomura said, "I requested a fair decision."

"Nevertheless, this situation is completely unfair. Afterwards, you'll regret it for the rest of"

Both Nomura and Tanoue were charged with crimes dating back to 1998, when a previous leader of a local fishery cooperative was shot to death in the street. Nomura and