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A woman who was stabbed in Saskatchewan says she feels "blessed" to be alive.

A stabbing spree on James Smith Cree Nation hurt a 26-year-old woman, who says she doesn't know why she was attacked.

Galynn Burns said, "When I saw him with the knife, I tried to get away from him right away."

She says that Myles Sanderson got into the home of Brian and Bonnie Goodvoice-Burns through a window in the basement. Once he was inside, he started stabbing people. Galynn was one of them.

She said, "I ran away from him, and he chased me."

Burns says Sanderson first stabbed her in the stomach, but she was able to turn away from him and hide under a table. She then tried to protect herself with her forearms, but he stabbed her several times as she did this.

"I had my arm up, and he was trying to stab me pretty much anywhere."

At the house, Bonnie Burns and her son Greg were both killed. Gloria Burns was a family member and a first responder. She went to the house to help, but was stabbed to death when she got there.

james smith oji cree nation stabbings, every child matters logo printable wallpaper
Galynn Burns lived through the mass stabbing on James Smith Cree Nation on September 4.

Burns said, "I saw everything that went on in that house."

"I guess he was going after anyone who stood in his way."

Burns called her sister, who was taking care of her kids, because she was hurt and worried that she might die like the other people.

"I was more or less telling my kids goodbye."

Burns says that she has "flashbacks" of the attack. She says she's still trying to figure out what happened and that counselors have told her she has PTSD.

"It happened so quickly that I can't really remember it."

Ten people died and 18 were hurt in the Sept. 4 stabbing attack. Myles and Damien Sanderson, who were the main suspects, are both dead.

On Sept. 5, Damien's body was found on James Smith Cree Nation in a grassy area. Police don't think he hurt himself enough to kill himself.

Myles Sanderson died in police custody because he got sick soon after being arrested on September 7.

Burns says that she still has trouble sleeping, even though the man she says attacked her is dead. Before she goes to bed at night, she has to make sure that all the windows and doors are shut and locked.

Burns' parents and boyfriend have been staying with her to help calm her fears.

She said, "I'm not ready to be alone." "I think about it almost every day."

Burns spent five days in the hospital, where doctors told her that the knife had cut a nerve in her arm. She can no longer move her right, dominant hand and has to wear a hand brace.

She is going to physiotherapy to try to get her fingers to move again.

"My biggest fear is that this could be a disability for the rest of my life," she said. "I hope to fully recover and get back to doing what moms do every day."

Galynn is a mom to four kids, whose ages range from 10 to 1.

She says she knows other people like her boyfriend's brother, who was stabbed and spent several days in intensive care.

"All I can think about is getting better and going back to school."

She says it's a good thing she lives off-reserve so she won't have to drive by the house where it happened.

She said, "I'm lucky to be here today, especially for my kids. They're probably why I'm here today."


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