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Jackson Warne wants Shane Warne 's son in SAS interrogation

Shane Warne 's son Jackson is struggling on SAS Australia, but he's determined to make a name for himself on the highly exhausting show.

Jackson Warne revealed surprising insight into why he joined one of Australian TV's hardest reality shows.

After losing a hard mission in ice cold water, SAS Australia hires Jackson Warne to interrogate the guiding staff (DS).

Workers was shocked to hear Jackson "feel fine" despite his especially bad day.

When director Ant Middleton asks Jackson, 21, who he is, and learns he's the cricket great Shane Warne 's son, he asks him "what the f * * *" he's doing there.

"Testing myself ... And I want him (Shane) to be very proud of me, driving me to the edge physically and psychologically.

Ant asks: "What's like living in your father's shadow? Anything you make of yourself will be cast over by your father right? Jackson said the interrogation was "frustrating" his life as under the shadow of his father.

Jackson Warne is interrogated on SAS
Jackson Warne is interrogated on SAS


The 21-year-old says he has been living in his father's shadow
The 21-year-old says he has been living in his father's shadow

"It's upsetting my entire life.

It's still when I step into a room or see someone, 'Ah, that's Shane Warne's son Jackson.' It's never 'Jackson.' I just want Jackson. "I know I can show to others that, no matter how easy my upbringing was, I can still do hard things, I can still drive myself physically and mentally."

"Isn't that why you're here?

That's meaningful, "says Ant. Jackson explained his difficulties in engaging with people, whether it's a mob or a mob.

"I just don't feel relaxed," he said, saying he doesn't know what he 'd say or expect. "Drop the sh*t behind you and forget about it.

You're hiding, running away, dreaming about it. There's all on an even plate," Mark 'Billy' Billingham explains. "Choose your brain, you're constantly going down," Ant says, saying he wants more confidence.

"Take your mind out of you and get there." "In another fact, I wish I wasn't the son of Shane Warne," Jackson continues.

It comes after Jackson had only consumed ten different foods previously.

Jackson wants to be tested mentally and physically
Jackson wants to be tested mentally and physically

So what exactly is Jackson's 10 different foods consumed all his life?

"OK, pancakes, bacon, bread, cereal, burgers, nachos, chips, apples," Jackson chuckled during a conversation recently.

Bringing us on a plate through his usual day, Jackson said: "Morning I'd wake up and have eggs and bacon with an oat shake.

I will go to the gym and practice, then I would have two burgers and a protein drink and then relax the relax of the day. And I'd have lasagne or spaghetti for dinner. The poker player said: "It's not like trying various things, it's just that I love what I eat and it works for me."

But that changed when SAS Australia signed in to appear.

"The food on the show, all the various things I hadn't had before and they tasted amazing," Jackson told

"We had breakfast oats and generally soup lunches.

For dinner, we had these mini steaks first night. It's been my first steak! "I tried pineapple and rockmelon, and even had my first mandarin on show."


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