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The rocking of Charlton! The Danish medi-tech tycoon, Jimi Hendrix fan Thomas Sandgaard, vows to bring the glories back to The Valley.
  • Charlton suffered from the chaos of the boardroom for many years.
  • New owner Thomas Sandgaard takes over this year's London club
  • The Danish-US owner is very much involved in the club's history
  • Recalling the disastrous investment regime in East Street is steadily decreasing

This year the Valley Board Room has undergone a rare turmoil, but Thomas Sandgaard oozes calm when he places his winter overcoating, leather gloves, and Charlton scarf on his broad oak table and sits down.

The pictures of the club's past glories are covering him on the walls with panels of timber. The FA Cup was won in 1947, the campaigns were sponsored and the playoff wins took place.

His mind is swirling with the present: the delighted victory of 5-2 over AFC Wimbledon, and his first match in the stadium with fans since he became club owner in September.

Sandgaard said A very humiliating experience. 'Walking into this stadium without fans is impressive, and the social media message and everyone emails me, but it's very humbling to see and listen to the response of 2000 fans.'

Fans of the Charlton community were applauding his efforts every step of the way as he rounded the pitch for a pre-match interview with the CCN's latest streaming service.

Sandgaard said, "I don't know whether I will weep or not because he took a few seconds for himself to write and offer an appreciation wave.

Thomas sandgaard
Thomas sandgaard

This Danish mediation tycoon, based in the USA, is hardly shocked and is estimated to be a saviour in SE7 for over £350m and an ardent love for rock music and English football.

After the catastrophic East Street Investments regime, he has scarcely gone wrong.

"We found the club in a financial situation that was very difficult," he said. 'A large part of money, such as Range Rovers, is spent on personal matters.'

The notorious Range Rovers became a sign of Matt Southall's largesse.

Charlton was a seven-strong, over £700,000 fleet. The police had been called to collect the last two of them and Sandgaard now switched off a supporter, who in November or December is buying a streaming pass for some game.

"What these people did is unbelievable," Sandgaard said. 'Everybody should have the nerve unbelievable, the guts. When you have a soccer team, you are in control of the people there the people there who work and the players there.

'Many teams had to be sold out simply to pay the banknotes. When the season began it looked pretty boring and we were lucky with the team that we were able to bring together and gel them so soon.

'But it's a club that has such a long tradition and history. We will look back for years to come and there will just be a little boredom.

The process of healing is well underway. Sandgaard held a zoom call on Thursday before his arrival in London with more than 600 supporters.

He discussed plans for the Premier League over 90 minutes, posed questions and gave his musical talents a glimpse.

"We waited for others to log on and I took my guitar and picked up the amp," he smiled. 'I played one of my new songs with them and Jimi Hendrix-style, Valley Floyd Lane. It's been enjoyable.'

Charlton has a well-established Danish relation. It started out in 1982, with a transfer coup to sign Allan Simonsen from Barcelona, a former European Footballer of the Year.

Sandgaard said It's aged, but I'm old enough to recall Simonsen. 'It was unbelievable his imagination. He better than anyone read the game in the center of the floor. It was like seeing an art object.

'I probably heard of Charlton for the first time. When Claus Jensen and Dennis Rommedahl played here, I saw them more."

Sandgaard played regularly, but he has no time anymore. Since he took over the valley to work the English working day, he has been waking at 3 am.

'I'm not alarming, I'm waking up nice to go,' said he. 'You get something from something fun that is your passion and inspiration. Much like today, 2-1 down and the guys scoring those goals. I jumped up." I jumped up.

In the last five minutes, Lee Bowyers Team scored four to seal a victory in League 1 and ended fifth.

'This is no time we can ask for more,' Sandgaard said. 'I dream of the Premier League, of course. I hope that in three or four years, we will be there, but my job is to make the moves."

When the first was to restore good health in a madhouse, it was finished.

An interview with Thomas Sandgaard
The Charlton owner sat down with the club's Content Manager Olly Groome to talk about his background in business, his journey that brought him to Charlton and his plans for the future.

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