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‘I’m shattered’: Kevin Costner reveals heartbreak over marriage breakdown


As the couple's split gains more public attention, Costner remains focused on his work, including the upcoming season of the popular drama series Yellowstone

The actor also stressed the importance of maintaining a positive attitude for the sake of their children. "They need to see us being strong," he stated. 

Costner, a father of seven, has always been open about his dedication to his family, and despite the ongoing drama, he intends to maintain a strong bond with his children. 

"My kids have always been bigger than the movies. They're the best thing I will ever do," Costner confessed in an interview with People magazine.

On a professional front, Costner continues to be active in Hollywood, with several projects lined up. Despite his personal struggles, he remains committed to his craft. 

As for Baumgartner, sources reveal she is focusing on their children and adjusting to her new circumstances. 

Both Costner and Baumgartner have refrained from further comments on their relationship, as they navigate through this difficult period. 

Costner, who has been in the public eye for decades, is known to value privacy, especially regarding personal matters. His candid revelations about his feelings create a rare glimpse into his private life. 

While the court proceedings continue, the couple's primary focus remains on their three children, according to close sources. 


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