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Peter Griffin should be in prison: here are all his crimes

Peter Griffin killed many people, burning down houses. He should be in jail with such a wild rap sheet.

Family Guy's Peter Griffin should now be imprisoned based on his actions. The animated comedy produced by Seth MacFarlane first premiered on Fox in 1999, but the show did not gain its success until it was cancelled and revived. Family Guy has been one of the biggest animated shows around since the series' return in 2005, and viewers have grown very attached to its characters.

The Griffin family has witnessed some absolutely absurd moments over 20 years of Family Guy. Through it all, Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, and Stewie stayed at the core of the plot, but the series' undisputed lead is Peter. Father/husband, lazy, offensive, and greedy, has almost no limit on what he won't do, whether for his benefit or just for a good laugh. And when you look back at what he's done, there's plenty of explanations why Peter should be behind bars.


As mentioned in the latest video of Screen Rant, Peter did some terrible stuff during the run of Family Guy and, amazingly, he was not yet prosecuted for his various crimes. He once revealed to Meg that the way he earns his family living is by robbing banks, and if that wasn't stupid enough, Family Guy shows him doing so without masks or ways to conceal his identity. Worse, he takes Meg, who kills an accident hostage. This incident alone may be enough to imprison him for years, but this might not even be his life's worst crime. See the top-of-this article video for more.

Peter's most recurring disturbing act is physical assault or harassment. He once beat a kid at Chris' school and even killed another he thought was a bully (but instead killed the wrong kid). Peter also appeared to kill a young boy for a short trip on a jet ski, crushing two children to death by crashing through their home's roof as he attempted to be Mary Poppins. Even his family is not safe from his violent tendencies. He shot Meg, threw Stewie under Lois' car tire, kidnapped his twin brother. In any case, Peter received no civil penalty.

One of the few times he went to prison was bombing a children's hospital. The bombing set three building floors on fire, resulting in several deaths. Instead, Peter got a mere 7-day prison term. Arson and property charges alone should have locked him up for more than a week but murdering several people should have put him away for years. Believe it or not, Peter's not just fire operation. He was responsible for burning down somebody's house, but he got away with it.

Given the world that Family Guy created, Peter isn't the only character resorting to violence or devastation, but incredibly a few days in jail is all he's served with such a rap sheet.

It’s pretty safe to say that almost everyone in the animated cast of Family Guy should have been put in jail at one point or another. But no one may have committed more crimes than Peter Griffin himself.

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