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RIP, Andrew DeLuca: surgical attending at Grey Memorial Hospital, ex-boyfriend of Meredith, and brother of Carina DeLuca, who was killed in Thursday night's episode of “Station 19.”Station. Yes, Gianotti (Giacomo DeLuca) was stabbed by one of the human smugglers that he and Stefania Spato (Seattle) had pursued, and died as a result. but his efforts were not wasted, however, as the smugglers were arrested

It was the end of a Grey's Anatomy arc. in what ultimately became one of the final episodes of the 16th season, DeLuca concluded that a patient was being trafficked by his supposed aunt, who was only in the family because she was mentally ill and in the midst of a mania. Al medicated for his bipolar disorder, DeLuca succeeded in spotting Opal (Stephanie Kurtzuba) in the episode at the halfway point of the season finale, and now he couldn't let her get away.

Giacomo Gianniotti as Andrew DeLuca
Giacomo Gianniotti as Andrew DeLuca

Gianniotti claimed that, upon finding out that his character was going to die, that he decided to go out “an inspirational and revered figure for those with mental illness.”

This wasn's what contributed to Gianni's predicament, he wasn's preserved. He did the most obnoxious thing I've ever seen him do.

In the episode, Ellen Pompeo took part in DeLuca to the beach, where he has spent most of this season as well, since she has already been taken down by the CoVid in the season's premiere. There she has spent time with her deceased husband Derek (Patrick Dempsey), her murdered friend George (T.R.R. Knight), and others.

Gianni says that you's scenes with Meredith are more secure because all of his worries have vanished. And it makes the situation even better because he's with the person he loves the person.

According to the showrunner Krista Vernoff, “Grey‘s Anatomy' is in limbo in its 16th season. As she and the writers room plan out the end of the season — or the series — Vernoff told Variety she needs to "plan for all contingencies" as she and the writers room discuss a contract extension with Pompeo.

Despite the fact that DeLuca is no longer alive, Vernoff revealed that we haven't seen the last of him — obviously, that's what the beach is for. And Gianniotti, who was mentored by “Grey's” executive producer-director Debbie Allen, recently returned to direct a spring episode. Gianniotti expressed his gratitude to the viewers, saying, "I've never seen a show be so beloved." It's been incredible to feel that love, and to have felt that love over the course of seven seasons.”

“He's still in the family,” Vernoff said.

Vernoff explored how she anticipated DeLuca's death, the challenges of not knowing when the show would end, and how shooting during COVID has changed "Grey's Anatomy" in an interview.

Deluca is stabbed (Grey's Anatomy 17)