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A brand-new cryptocurrency PornRocket announces the launch of the world's first decentralized adult content sharing application.

A new application for adults PornRocket accepts cryptocurrency payments and charges no fees to creators. A new cryptocurrency and adult content sharing platform is poised to disrupt the industry, having already amassed a $45 million market cap in its first seven days of operation.

PornRocket has recruited over 30,000 global content creators and fans, as well as over 16,000 coin holders eager to buy before the boom.

With some of the world's most famous adult stars already on board, PornRocket's decentralized platform is the first of its kind, bringing PornHub and OnlyFans together on a secure blockchain, free of the usual issues associated with traditional online adult entertainment sites.

How to buy moonlyfans crypto, stock onlyfans coin  moonly fans

Users can make payments in the platform's native currency, $.

PORNROCKET enables them to access the hottest adult content without using FIAT currency, ensuring complete anonymity.

Unlike other online platforms, which take a 20% to 40% cut, PornRocket creators can post and monetize an unlimited amount of NSFW content without incurring any fees or restrictions, giving them complete control over their assets.

The application, which is scheduled to launch officially by the end of 2021, will also include an innovative NFTPornpad and marketplace where creators can auction off custom images, videos, and audio clips to the highest bidder.

PornRocket fans are already raving about the app, as the team behind it revealed that top Pornhub stars Abella Danger and Nicole Aniston will serve as brand ambassadors.

A sneak preview of the platform has already been made available, and application drop testing will begin on June 12th.

With holders and creators dubbing it the 'new Onlyfans,' the platform is expected to reach a £1 billion market cap within the next eight weeks, as the adult industry makes way for a revolutionary new concept that is already making waves.

How to buy moonlyfans crypto, stock onlyfans coin  moonly fans

What, then, distinguishes this platform from others? “Given the sensitive nature of the adult industry, PornRocket proposes a unique hybrid model: a decentralized blockchain technical solution combined with institutional safeguards that ensure copyright protection for creators, data security for users, and compliance with regulatory requirements,” a spokesperson for the PornRocket legal team said. In keeping with disruptive innovation in other sectors such as retail banking, film streaming, and hospitality, our goal is to revolutionize the way adult content is marketed and consumed.“By leveraging an innovative blockchain solution, we hope to eliminate the hefty fees currently charged by the oligopoly of institutional players (PornHub, OnlyFans), and to provide effective copyright protection for content.

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