Houston astros whistle cheating again 2021, whistling game 6 starter Friday

Astros cheating conspiracy allegations are being floated on Boston sports radio.

Yes, Red Sox supporters have begun to believe the Astros are cheating.

After Houston took a 3-2 lead in the ALCS with two consecutive blowout victory at Fenway Park, one Red Sox fan examined the tape and discovered... a whistle that may or may not have tipped Yordan Alvarez to a Chris Sale fastball as it was being thrown?

While it isn't nearly garbage can banging — and it should be emphasized that spectators occasionally (and frequently) whistle during athletic events — sports radio in Beantown is rolling with it.

"I'll take all the cheating conspiracy theories," posted the official Twitter account for Toucher and Rich, the market's top-rated radio show. "EVERYONE of them."

Putting aside the fact that the Astros are on the road and, one would hope, on their best behavior following the latest cheating controversy, a whistle does not appear to be the most efficient method of cheating. Particularly on the road, there is a great probability that a fan will send confusing messages.

That hasn't prevented "Toucher and Rich" from tweeting six times Thursday morning – not including retweets – on what they're dubbing "Whistlegate." Additionally, they've accused Astros manager Dusty Baker of cheating by wearing a Fitbit, which can "vibrate" when a fastball is approaching.

Despite this, the Astros scored nine runs in Games 4 and 5 to clinch the series. Is it necessary for there to be an ulterior motive? Evidently, yeah.

On Friday night at Minute Maid Park, the Astros have a chance to capture the series. We can only presume that the Red Sox will be on the lookout.

Houston astros whistle cheating again 2021, whistling game 6 starter Friday
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