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Harry Styles chicago water bottle in a very sensitive area on stage video

When a bottle hits Harry Styles in the groin on stage, he falls over and says, "That's too bad."

At his recent concert in Chicago, a bottle hit Harry Styles in the groin, but he shook it off like a Taylor Swift song.

The "As It Was" singer was talking to his fans during his concert at the United Center. He was talking about the weather in Chicago, as he always does, when a bottle hit him in a very sensitive spot.

Tweets about the incident went viral because it has become more common for artists to be attacked on stage at their shows, whether out of love or fear.

A bottle hit Harry Styles in an area that hurts a lot.
A bottle hit Harry Styles in an area that hurts a lot.

Styles immediately showed signs of discomfort by wincing and saying, "Well, that's unfortunate," into the microphone.

In August, fans at the New York City stop of Harry Styles' "Love On Tour" threw chicken nuggets at the former boy band member while he was on stage.

Styles, who is 28 years old, stayed on stage and moved his legs. He then told the crowd, "Okay, shake it off."

The heartthrob seemed to be trying to get rid of any pain by jumping up and down.

Styles had to reschedule one of his Chicago shows because all of his crew members were sick.

The musician, actor, and boyfriend of Olivia Wilde has a break of almost a week before he starts his fifteen-show tour in Inglewood, California. After that, he will go to South America and Europe.

"Don't Worry Darling," the second movie Wilde directed, stars Wilde and Styles.


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