Gulay Bursali jump 10 storeys to her death, escape rape by Cihan Issi

Turkish woman, 20, drops to her death on four floors trying to avoid rape by rental agent
A Turkish man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for attempting to rape a 20-year-old woman and her friend in a flat, causing her to leap 10 floors to her death.

The incident took place on March 21, 2016, in the district of Basaksehir district of Istanbul.

When real estate agent Cihan Issi showed them a flat for sale, the 20-year-old survivor, Gulay Bursali, was with her partner, known only as E.O.

Issi also brought along another man named Mehmet Vural with him that day, according to the newspaper Hurriyet.

After trying to flee from a man who was trying to rape her, Gulay Bursali, 20, plunged ten storeys to her death.

The two men beat E.O once they were both inside the apartment and turned to Bursali to try to rape her.

Gulay, resisting the sexual abuse, allegedly rushed to the window and jumped out, crashing to her death on 10 floors.

Both defendants went missing after the incident.

Three years later, in March 2019, Vural was captured and arrested.

He has since been held in detention.

Issi still remains at large, however.

On January 13, at the Bakirkoy 2nd High Criminal Court, the trial against both men began.

Vural pleaded not guilty but was sentenced for intentional murder to life in jail and another 41 years for sexual harassment and freedom deprivation.

'There were mistakes made'

During the investigation that extended it, some errors were made and this allowed the defendant (Issi) to escape," prosecutor Cem Atas said."

We hope that as soon as possible, the fugitive will be captured.

We want it to be the maximum possible punishment.

"We want to have justice served here."

Gulay Bursali jump 10 storeys to her death, to escape rape by Cihan Issi