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After a funny reaction, Greg Norman explains the viral Instagram photo

After the picture sparked a hilarious social media storm, Aussie golf legend Greg Norman publicly responded to his viral Instagram post.

For the first time, Aussie golf hero Greg Norman publicly spoke about his viral Instagram picture to announce that he found the whole saga hilarious.

In November, the 65-year-old Instagram post of himself walking alongside his dog on Jupiter Island in Florida whipped the world into a fit of giggling and blushing, but the man managed to hold his cool at the core of the enormous storm.

As the world debated his amazing tools, Norman went radio silent and has just now revealed how he really feels about the international spotlight on his caddy.

Norman laughed off the saga ahead of his return to Aussie TV screens with Channel 7's Holey Moley in an exclusive interview with The Herald Sun's Holly Byrnes.

"Norman said, "I was just out walking my dog and that's what it is.

"I think some of the comments were funny, and I don't normally read them, so it was pretty funny."

Last month, the Sunday Telegraph reported that Norman, after refusing interview requests, considered the situation "amusing." The article, which cited Norman's "close friend," reported that the golf icon was aware of the interest and found the storm "amusing."

Like a bone-bearing dog
Like a bone-bearing dog

Norman's beach walk has gained him more than 10,000 additional followers on Instagram.

In recent years, having worked relentlessly to keep his body in ferocious shape, few could fault the Aussie icon for sitting back and enjoying the display.

The much-talked-about shot even made a greater splash than the nude magazine shots of Norman in 2018.

Norman said he is very happy with his body after posing nude for The Body issue of ESPN The Paper.

"At my place, I have a full gym. I've designed that. He said, "It has a cardio room, a full weight room, free weights, all that stuff."

"It's not a big deal for me, isn't it? I do enjoy staying fit at my age at the end of the day. I have no ego about myself, but I love to have a fit life.

Back in action with Greg Norman of Australia.
Back in action with Greg Norman of Australia.

For his participation in Channel 7's latest intense putt-putt program, his physique caused some headaches, but Norman is glad to have a laugh about it.

Reportedly, his slippery back forced producers to cancel a segment on the show that wanted contestants to jump in a pool on his back.

We did a few experiments and, sadly, my skin was so silky smooth that everyone kept slipping away. But we had a fake shark to go with instead. Damn this ageless body,' he responded.

"I think what most people don't realize is that I have a very good sense of humor and I take the p*** out of a lot of people and I have a lot of people's fun."

During his stellar golf career, the Australian won two majors and was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2001. In the 1980s, he spent 333 weeks as world No. 1.

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