Greene’s Friend anthony aguero el paso was Among Capitol Rioters

Friend Anthony Aguero of Marjorie Taylor Greene Was Among Capitol Rioters: Report

The right-wing livestreamer shot down the baseless claim by the QAnon-embracing lawmaker that the insurrectionists in the Capitol were not Trump supporters.

Among the pro-Trump mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, CNN reported on Wednesday, was a man who said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) was a close friend and appeared with the conspiracy-mongering lawmaker at public events.

As a right-wing livestreamer and close ally of Greene, Anthony Aguero, identified by the network, confirmed that he entered the Capitol and said he did so as a "journalist." (He has since deleted a video in which he bragged that "the chambers," CNN noted, were breached.)

anthony aguero el paso
anthony aguero el paso

Greene was called "one of my closest friends" by Aguero and told CNN: "I fully support Marjorie Taylor Greene." More great people like her we need. God bless her and her household. The two, CNN wrote, worked closely on causes such as anti-immigration and the border wall of former President Donald Trump and attended pro-Trump rallies together.

For her fact-denying statements, Greene, a devotee of the crackpot QAnon conspiracy theory, was stripped of her House committee assignments. She fervently supported Trump's falsehood that he had been robbed of the election and claimed that Trump supporters had not stormed the Capitol. (In a hearing on the assault this week, GOP Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin continued to amplify the lie.)

But, Newsweek noted, Aguero was caught on tape totally contradicting Greene's Capitol riot claim.

"We've all been there. It wasn't antifa, and it wasn't BLM,' Aguero said shortly after the assault in a video. "Trump supporters were the ones who did that yesterday. I'm the first person to admit it, being one on my own.

The FBI declined to comment on whether Aguero was being investigated by CNN. HuffPost did not hear back from Greene's office immediately.