Gladys Berejiklian NSW Premier, icac transcripts corruption inquiry

ICAC releases evidence

that Gladys Berejiklian 's relationship

with Daryl Maguire started in 2014

The primary points are:

  • ICAC released part of a private hearing late Friday
  • Daryl Maguire is challenging his relationship with the Premier
  • The Commission apologized yesterday for unintentionally downloading a transcript

Disgraced former NSW Liberal MP Daryl Maguire said his relationship with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian started in 2014, earlier than both previously claimed.

Gladys Berejiklian

The testimony was given at a private Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) hearing on Thursday, part of which was published publicly by the commission on Friday following Mr Maguire 's finding.

The Premier told the ICAC on Monday that the partnership started around NSW election time in March 2015.

During the private session, ICAC counsel Scott Robertson asked Mr Maguire: "Is it at least possible that a near personal friendship, near emotional connection and close relationship between you and Ms Berejiklian may possibly have been on foot sometime before 2015?"

"Yes," answered Maguire.

Robertson: "When do you think the relationship evolved into something that could be accurately characterized as close personal relationship as distinct from friendship?"

Maguire: "Oh, I don't know I could put a date on it. We were always good friends and the relationship developed slowly over time . I didn't know when it started."

Robertson: "Would it be fair to say you were in close personal relationship with Ms Berejiklian in 2014?

Maguire: Yes.

Robertson: "About 2013? Maguire: "Yes."

In another private session on Friday, Mr Maguire was asked about his statement the partnership started in 2013 and explained that it started in 2014 "at any time."

The corruption watchdog investigates if Mr Maguire, a former Wagga Wagga MP, exploited his financial advantage status.

ICAC investigates transcript printing

A transcript of Mr Maguire 's closed-session evidence was published yesterday by mistake on the ICAC website, but removed less than an hour later.

An investigation into how the error occurred.

Assistant Commissioner Ruth McColl apologized to the Premier and Mr Maguire for the transcript being "inadvertently" uploaded.

Ms Berejiklian's barrister, Arthur Moses SC, has urged ICAC to investigate who may have copied the transcript from the ICAC website during the time it was available online, describing it as a privacy and security "violation" of the Premier.

Ms Berejiklian 's decision was under extreme pressure because Monday she disclosed the partnership when providing facts to ICAC.

She survived two NSW Parliament no-confidence votes on Wednesday.

The inquiry has heard a variety of phone calls intercepts between Mr Maguire and Ms Berejiklian, asking her about his corporate dealings.

But Ms Berejiklian claimed she was never informed of the details and was never involved in his financial affairs.